Friday Rewind: Clemson's Victory

Taking a look back at this week's top stories, including a shock in the college football world; the Tigers' win against the Crimson Tide!
2:41 | 01/13/17

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Transcript for Friday Rewind: Clemson's Victory
Making headlines this week where shootings floods snowstorms and of course president elect's staff. I'll try but they're also time for some well placed words from the Hollywood icon and a first in a generation college football victory here now our weekly Friday we want. These. Yourself it's. And had him never were seventeen. Desperately need an easy here you can actually see that tire tracks right here then his way to travel hot currently ran into that crowd and a hundred people. Crown young America in the boring evening this story and allowed in the race not care about twelve hours and only just look at the waters known Lauren all that's optimistic and has seen anything like this in modern history and tired downtown. Littered with fallen trees as little Percy. Having not only lost the White House but having lost a son in the very things McConnell. Thought were necessary for nominations. Were asking for now that tonight was an organized effort to Carriker tear me. It's something they want some true is record indicates that we cannot count on him. To some work. State and national Edwards towards bringing justice to the justice system you believe. Fast. Vladimir movements cronies are responsible for ordering the murder. Countless dissidents journalists political opponents. I do not have sufficient information to make your point movie likes Donald Trump. I consider that an asset not a led there are nepotism laws that are pretty strict about what you can do but when it comes to White House staff. President can basically surround himself for the people he wants. As soon as you walk in this office that you've been sworn in. You're now in charge of the largest organization honored. You can't manage it. The way you would manage the family business. Even a and you. And inclusive America. Disrespect and invites disrespect violence in fight. Violence. Yeah powerful use their position to bully others we'll lose. Patrick and what I care and college football game and lots of foot while this weekend as well. But I think I'm the only cat yeah allies and it will be watching Chris inauguration one week from today and okay today we're back.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"Taking a look back at this week's top stories, including a shock in the college football world; the Tigers' win against the Crimson Tide!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44755059","title":"Friday Rewind: Clemson's Victory ","url":"/WNN/video/friday-rewind-clemsons-victory-44755059"}