Fried Turkey, A Thanksgiving Treat and Concern

Learn the tips for safely frying that Thanksgiving turkey.
3:00 | 11/28/13

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Transcript for Fried Turkey, A Thanksgiving Treat and Concern
That's right now this Thanksgiving morning I'm thinking it has something to do it today it's big event and there -- nothing bigger on the Thanksgiving dinner table. And that Turkey this morning we are joined by John Mac or more from master built Turkey -- to tell us everything we need to know about safely frying the Turkey John -- Michelle had done it's great to be here and here -- The best thing for Thanksgiving and his deep -- -- it really is fantastic I've worked morning shows most of my career I've done this many times -- -- taste it what's really actually about yours though it's not that. That one that you dip down into that scary oil right verbal and -- this is self contained unit. Yet you've got to have the right equipment and today we're gonna do it owned the butter ball into Kirk for our master -- develop this technology teen years ago. And it is the safe alternative to -- -- Turkey is always the bad rap -- any it is here all the horror story about insurers adds. On deep fried turkeys -- we've eliminated all about fear. There's no plane. Thank you want to enjoy deep fried -- you can actually deep fried Turkey lot of weather by the man whom he writing right at her kitchen -- sat on the house -- is that no oil on the ceiling if they like to add to Matt -- house we love this -- -- -- what -- we got the right equipment now we've got. An eighteen pound butterball Turkey -- how to prepare here today it'll fit into this is the XL model. The most important thing -- you completely have a bald Turkey it's a frozen Turkey takes about four days. You can't -- gonna get a fresh Turkey -- -- -- to make -- is completely stalled. And they want your heating up the Turkey Fryer put it in a warm water bath. -- and everything we're talking about here is available on -- but I can't -- and -- step by step instructions -- to have a safe. Recipe -- we got the frosted or fresh -- leaving about Turkey up. Warm water -- and have you wanna completely -- the inside and the outside of the Turkey gets all the excess water -- holiday. Now here comes all of our flavor we're gonna inject -- -- with sixteen ounces. Allows a buttery buttery creole -- -- a sounds great idea so put that into. They glance and this is an injection -- range. And the secret is. You want to in -- Multiple areas. Of the -- yes. Who made can. -- -- -- digress they have no notice that it careful about it just that trying to get a mail order. We need to brought Turkey people spotted over the delaying notice how pops up what I had -- upgrades -- -- and put it in a lot of different areas OK I. That -- -- -- the addiction take that. Cajun -- -- to go to work forming yeah. -- -- -- -- Shocked. Completely cover that so -- shot -- desperate they'll more -- this got a -- -- truly -- cover. Second it -- SAT -- -- the cavity there can and you don't put the typical -- is with the marinade. Did a good one -- per pound opinion on such a Turkey with a seasoning. One to two ounces on the season he never gonna put that Turkey in. Again we're frying the Turkey on the butterball this portrait drawn heated up the oil be. That won't be solid and that is the beauty of this product did -- An electric Turkey -- notice we've got the Turkey inside the basket themes and the results John -- he had -- most flavorful -- is. He's three up your oven again because of the butterball Turkey -- are -- not only have the safe way to -- -- Turkey. But the results or to notice now -- That's what -- Turkey should look like I mean it looks a little sounds amazing and this thing closes up just at least a dozen at the low pretty -- you -- to ignore that got into the oil. -- -- -- -- -- -- Four minutes per pound. On now I'm -- deep -- this eighteen pound Turkey. In 72. Minutes that is a lot easier than the way my mom doesn't tell you what no more getting up at 3 o'clock in the morning. You free up your oven you have the best -- on Turkey and all the -- -- days. We got -- -- to -- what we've got to cook boost dead and that's good and dead in this good to politely get those and Amazon -- saying okay. What -- they get the machine bottle bomb Wal-Mart Lowe's or Home Depot advanced -- models aren't done -- and -- dot com for the complete. Recipe I've been threatening to cook one of these in my mom's house for years -- she likes to complain that it take so long time but you won't let me do it maybe now that it's this self contained unit is never any of those. Worries about a fire and all that yet -- -- -- no more excuses you're deep -- drug issue John -- -- I love -- -- or more from masterful Turkey prior thank you so much for joining us what more information. Heart FaceBook site as well that you and advanced. Dot -- stay with us.

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{"id":21039967,"title":"Fried Turkey, A Thanksgiving Treat and Concern","duration":"3:00","description":"Learn the tips for safely frying that Thanksgiving turkey.","url":"/WNN/video/fried-turkey-thanksgiving-threat-concern-21039967","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}