Tim Laird's Fun Cocktails for the Holidays

America's Chief Entertaining Officer Tim Laird shows off the best drinks for holiday parties.
4:46 | 12/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tim Laird's Fun Cocktails for the Holidays
Kids come. -- Welcome back everybody of course celebrating the holidays means good food and good drinks and you can put a little -- as into the party has always. America's chief entertaining officer Tim Laird and author of the great book called that's entertaining. Is here again with his -- much appreciated gore made such good morning -- I always it -- part of our daily gasoline -- if not our very favorite because you come. Very wonderful -- -- gifts and what better way to get into the spirit of the holidays and have fun cocktails. And I see a lot of spirit -- -- -- have to do what ever this is great we could start -- this is a fun -- on the very easy. This is -- missile still martini and I love that somebody shouldn't do this first well. Hey let's decorate the -- decorating your -- also a holiday that's right let's start with just a line and I go around the outside. Of the martini glass just a little bit wants around all right -- that a little bit of sugar. Just all the way around and there we -- that glass is ready to -- you can do -- -- ahead of time before you guessed -- they're what -- -- -- -- you know captain. -- -- and for the cocktail shaker with -- and benefited about announcement half -- -- the minute injury goes in the national holiday so that's my house and a half. You play -- attitude about two ounces of cranberry -- -- an ounce of pomegranate juice then quickly I do yes squeeze -- fresh line that goes in that -- right there we're gonna give us a little good shake. -- -- a few weeks ago I loved that Santa hotline that summer assets out of my alarm clock in the morning that's what gets me. To get up anyway. Where that it's a martini glass and in our garnish -- He is just -- Rosemary spear with some cranberries that goes in. -- artistry that's so nice -- incidental or Bosnia and here's an alcohol free version which is what I left the -- -- when he -- now so but I enjoyed -- is still a good got some work but that are still a lot of flavor cheer up it's. -- Both labor and that's great how is that religion and this is that nobody version yet and that's the alcohol free version without the -- ninetieth and it's -- -- -- good to ask the united see what I what I appreciate. You that is the copier because that you those of your big fans of -- -- -- Christmas vacation you recognize. The that's -- of Jim's got a lot of -- -- -- -- that's really could be the holidays without -- not yet I -- but here's the great -- -- Right now in stores you can buy incredibly good. Eggnog snout used to be you -- few years back to you just get that he inversion was horrible that now -- in southern comfort makes this one night is there's no some comfort in it but what makes this. Flavor southern comfort but even store brands are making these great egg -- so and there you go opposite -- of the moving ahead. An important Clark chairs Clark. Despite -- and moving away. Here's another -- -- -- do -- the holidays you know you always have these peppermint sticks lying around or broken candy canes. What to do as they take a bottle -- Just drop them in there and about ten to fifteen of these go in. And it is all about five minutes it's great you can shake it up have a candy -- martini or what I loved us. In hot chocolate -- -- government. Clinton eyes oh is that good so that's a wonderful thing. Then a gift giving idea instead of giving this really -- cake. Give them fruit Peru copper but this is -- people love this and it's very easily you just take your urban. Port often reserve it and then fill the bottle about three fourths full of blood dried apples in in a couple of cinnamon sticks. -- the Bergen back in three days you have this wonderful infusion of urban and the apples in the -- it's so good and here's the here's the extra bonus. You can't get all suburban backing and because of the Apple's. So about a third of it is yours if you make three of these models get a -- of urban model yourself with some mutual. TI is -- -- see -- that. There's an easy -- to polity crab in cracker -- just basically -- cream cheese little Worcestershire salt pepper. A little bit cocktail sauce -- to top it. All these people love it happened right here army deserted and the go promises the law so it is. You're awesome as always here at W with a happy holidays -- -- absolutely and to all you cold drizzle fans. So she is so much again there's even a jail officer Tim Laird -- recipes on FaceBook page W and -- stands dot com we're gonna drink you guys come back -- Newsnight continues.

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{"id":18033991,"title":"Tim Laird's Fun Cocktails for the Holidays","duration":"4:46","description":"America's Chief Entertaining Officer Tim Laird shows off the best drinks for holiday parties.","url":"/WNN/video/fun-cocktails-holidays-18033991","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}