Lady Gaga's Weight Loss

Lady Gaga responds to all of the controversial weight comments.
3:00 | 09/26/12

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Transcript for Lady Gaga's Weight Loss
L -- gets you in the -- -- would Dancing With The Stars season fifteen who got snow 1550. Feels like -- -- Never go even fifteen is so -- Kirstie Alley Bristol Palin Pamela Anderson and at the bottom three. Did you see Pamela Anderson says dance must I'm not so little clips -- -- it was it was quite -- Yeah so. No surprise that she. -- -- -- -- Com. -- it's a very very disappointing zero out but -- -- -- the -- program that did not want to see your best early but she said I think she's going to be at parent I'm Bradley Sanchez is we'll keep dancing -- that they -- together. Together -- it -- -- -- referring to. Her partner Tristan McManus who seem to be very enamored with her but she was she was I gotta say god awful. The answer that bad really just like she's staring -- have moved just kind of pulled -- met her breasts like everybody would be Sam. Well I have never. I wish they had been the last 45 years of her career right so can dubious distinction first to get in -- -- it off later Campbell miss them meaning you are right. Also Madonna making more controversy over torsion I think few weeks he -- she had a swastika -- -- -- -- -- -- outrageous that overseas to a fairly. Now she's -- -- back in Washington DC causing another controversy she was on stage and kind of chimed in on our. Politics our presidential election -- During a concert in Washington DC. Madonna told the crowd they should vote for Obama in -- -- Madonna like away. Okay okay. Okay. Well OK so we have a black Muslim and the White House someone I don't wanna -- and she was endorsing the president saying vote for him and attended -- black Muslim in the White House which is not sure the president. Is a -- that issue seems to not died a matter -- the facts seem to be but anyway. Causing controversy there's never debating on in the Blogosphere whether she was just being sarcastic or whether she's generally misinformed about the president's religion Madonna. -- always in that. -- -- For for attention at this point. Some rare good news we are not desperate is leading got a there are some photos that -- spreads out on the Blogosphere and news organizations claiming that she gained weight but she's responding -- little monsters dot com. Her web -- and admitting that Bellini and anorexia. -- something that she suffered with that she was fifteen on this website -- post some pictures of her. In dressed down like that and -- is being brave and celebrate with us you're perceived. Plus but she posted a series of half naked images. And alongside ratings and some words that people just cut him breaks us -- look at other -- -- the issue looks like using great. Physical shape the ways uniforms so look good god god don't worry about the haters -- new.

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{"id":17326609,"title":"Lady Gaga's Weight Loss","duration":"3:00","description":"Lady Gaga responds to all of the controversial weight comments.","url":"/WNN/video/gaga-lady-pop-singer-skinny-weight-anorexic-health-17326609","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}