Gas Saving Gadgets

Dick DeBartolo shows off some gadgets to save at the pump.
5:19 | 03/21/12

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Transcript for Gas Saving Gadgets
Yeah. Welcome back everyone I'm gonna go out and eliminate -- that all of you like to save a little bit of money so that's what we are focusing on this morning some gadgets. That will help you keep more of what you -- in here to tell us about them is -- is -- -- -- Dick DeBartolo. Morning deacon dean. -- I'm great welcome back and I can't hear you have some great gadgets let's get right to -- and starting with gas. And everybody's -- I guess yes exactly -- there are asked to save money on gas and I'm not owning a car. I decided to ask people what -- used and 90% of people -- An apple can take any money on gas that brought a couple of show with and cab drivers recommended gave its budding. No this is what gets what he looks like it's free it's and supported that tiny little bar on the bottom is the and so -- very unobtrusive. Just -- gas near where I am or putting your zip code or -- city and now here's a list of gas stations. In the neighborhood. With all the prices penalty just tell it if you use regular medium grade or high test that would diesel I checked it out actually it was very easy to work just typing your zip code and it worked absolutely. OK so I'm now to move on to a program thermostat yes now 50% of your energy cost is cooling and heating your house. OK 90% of the people who have programmable thermostats. Don't program them. Good attempt to. Okay this is the nest learning. Okay. Thermometer thermostat OK so basically all week long when you first get it. You just cleaning up in the morning you -- -- you dial long in the evening he won at lest you dial it down. This thoughts learning. The different temperature is that you like. During the days programmable see -- remembers what you might miss exactly nice and all week long at all month long it learns exactly what the family likes. Also with Wi-Fi enabled. So you can call it from the office and turn up the thermostat before you get home if you want but take up next. That's -- -- learning. Thermostat that we have eight conservative. Power switch -- Is still need. Believe -- in not lots of appliances. And gadgets do not have on off switches a lot of strip lighting no -- or switch. That and basically a lot of the point is going to sleep mode. When you don't use them but this still burning power. This is from -- and it's under seven box so you plug this into the wall then you plug your gas did intend this. Now you've created an on off switch and disclosed. Great to -- When it's on so you know viewpoints is -- you've got a good point similar what what I really be this far and you -- dry your contractor a lot of don't judge it so yeah. Where and when you unplug your phone and it probably says on the screen unplug your charge here because it still using Powell and excellence and unplugging -- you go click it sort of seven bucks SNL what is this -- -- -- -- -- -- Been around awhile again. People don't know about -- this is from Belkin. So basically. One of the biggest hogs in your how this is the entertainment center. So basically you plug your TV in here. You plug in this surround sound system a Blu-ray player your DVD player to gain boy when you shut your TV. -- shots every. Other gadget and only -- automatically. These -- you need because the cable blocks anything with a clock and it you don't want to go -- Cities -- constant power OK so when we're talking about -- receiving 76 that's OK yeah now this it looks like a little mushroom can't connect this is not coming out till may this alleviates a probably talked about like with the phone charges. Pro pull out the pronged plug in the wall. You USB cable free charging device goes here. This totally shuts the power when the device is -- -- Okay back and this -- looks like alone. Gun she -- -- a lot of thanks Hannah like Catholic -- any. Find if cool air is coming in during the winter there's an issue like -- temperatures things. And then it'll light up. The top here we haven't got it we haven't got a temperatures set for this. The -- will light up blue okay. They in the when -- means cold air is coming in as as -- -- around and then in the summer in light up and -- to tell you. Is that what she loves this OK what looks like what -- Temperature. As always on fire and he sat -- point four he. Hot when it comes to everything that is digital everything that has gadgets he is dig deep heartfelt thanks so much for joining us you can get more information but everything that -- on his web site. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hot dress what is it. 280. Not I don't fever from the --

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{"id":15968214,"title":"Gas Saving Gadgets","duration":"5:19","description":"Dick DeBartolo shows off some gadgets to save at the pump.","url":"/WNN/video/gas-saving-gadgets-15968214","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}