George Strait Rules at the CMAs

George Strait takes home Entertainer of the Year at the Country Music Awards.
3:37 | 11/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for George Strait Rules at the CMAs
Hey everybody we're starting always the talk of the town of CMA country music awards are right here on ABC last night we have some highlights for you here we go we're starting off -- the election. -- -- -- -- -- and certainly this is just video of the actual show we're gonna get to hear about -- alleged that George -- he won. Entertainer of the -- as the top award of the night here's the thing that he's one three times -- this is our time when he. But the last anyone it was back in 1990 and he was up against a lot of younger. -- Celebrities and you know singers and superstars and they all. Went crazy when it was announced that he was the winner and I -- they don't want him to India has an emulator for sure yeah. Hoddle stunned everybody else is pretty excited for him and -- -- moving -- Taylor Swift another. Highlight of the evening she was awarded the pinnacle award. They don't realize just wait three years old. She's the youngest ever to win this award she's also only the second person to ever be given this war is an award easily get when you're like -- 65 and gently. It's really interesting to see if they did something a little differently so that she's a second person to win at the other person that has won it is Garth Brooks -- master record yeah I think he's the third in. Biggest seller -- on eagle and I'm not somebody else right now she is also among this crowd of people who have -- -- The Beatles. So there you have it there she is and that we have the host we have to talk about -- -- because they were hilarious Carrie Underwood regularly for their sixth time. Hosting this and the experts are saying yeah -- -- -- the most Oscars apparently just fantastic -- -- -- -- the Oscars of country music and they are so incredibly wonderful and -- comedic timing and toll is take a listen to what they had to say about someone. What was it like to send our love tonight to Dolly Parton -- is recovering from a little car accident a couple of weeks ago she was treated and released from the hospital and thankfully Dolly did have airbags. However the ones in the car did not deploy. Nice yeah. Dolly Parton was there because of this -- of the media minor fender Bender she's okay this happened a few weeks ago and and now to our very own Robin Roberts it -- they are urged to present the award to entertainer I don't -- -- -- now we know is George Strait and she looked incredible statistician. Look at that shot and -- -- as she looks wonder if there you have it. A -- on the problem round Robin Roberts the exercise routine my goodness -- looks fantastic. Jennifer Lopez is gone plastics plastic surgery. Really truly plastic she has been immortalized in a -- special collector Barbie dolls come courtesy of us magazine. The Jennifer Lopez -- ward -- and the Jennifer Lopez red carpet -- Ticket she children video also water mr. -- account pretty cute very cute you want -- check it out stop motion clips of her in the figurines dancing and singing your song. Get it right mom and -- fall. Yeah I know. -- -- -- dollar -- we could probably get that done could probably get the Diana Perez the old news now collection. I don't have a that they know anybody tell would do that then you any old Barbie and start here claimants and now we wish we had graphics make Barbie you yeah. We'll have to do that for another time and own -- only -- weekend -- hit -- polish. No we can't even do a little bit like can't cover the I don't know about me being Smart enough not -- --

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{"id":20812699,"title":"George Strait Rules at the CMAs","duration":"3:37","description":"George Strait takes home Entertainer of the Year at the Country Music Awards.","url":"/WNN/video/george-strait-rules-cmas-20812699","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}