Geraldo Rivera Tweets Semi-Nude Photo

Geraldo Rivera, 70, posts a shirtless bathroom picture on Twitter.
2:45 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for Geraldo Rivera Tweets Semi-Nude Photo
Welcome to skinny everyone we're gonna start with Jay-Z and beyoncé -- their voices to what has become kind of a national protests of the George -- verdict was last week. And there have been protests Oliver specially in New York Florida California the big cities have really -- -- taken -- -- of their -- when it comes these protests -- Jay-Z and beyoncé were seen. With -- on Martin's mom this was on Saturday -- Fulton -- Al Sharpton they were all photographed together. I'm and they Wear their protesting the -- and remember at the acquittal in the death of -- on line. Al Sharpton -- -- say that they did not want to speak and they did not come for a photo op but it's hard when -- that incredibly popular and famous -- not. Kind of and have -- end up being a photo -- so -- they are protesting the verdict. But this isn't the first time -- they've beaten semi spoken out about the verdict both beyoncé and Jay taking time out of their recent performances to honor trade on moments of silence. And beyond even -- a photo on instant -- saying justice for tree behind so. Very -- or not there's still look good and nice way to come to. Sure how about some PR -- a different cat okay Heidi Klum really knows how to get some attention. And can result -- she's been posting news last week pictures of her in topless situations that. But you know it's sexy but it doesn't quite go the whole way the latest photos that one of her hugging the trio when she's on vacation in Bora Bora. And she's posted a few -- these like very sexy pictures that just stopped short. And us get a lot of attention forward -- -- certainly seem to know what she's due. Half -- -- trying to get a lot of attention let's turn it now to another topless -- perhaps one that will bring your IDC -- but we're gonna show it to you anyway this one. Crawled over Barack brag he happens to be seven years old and -- decided to post this picture on Twitter so how old. Indians and -- little caption he's added seventeen as the new C he also had. That he would probably be in a little bit of hot water for showing his public body saying Erica and family are going to be so keen but. At my age dot dot dot well his wife Erica apparently -- it -- -- good humor saying this is exactly what happens when I fall asleep first you tell us. Tells a little -- it is that to itself -- that we just sock it right. That's all -- Say this much for seven years old -- -- huge. We'll get our modern family star Jesse Donna Ferguson gets married over the weekend -- regulation regulations into -- long time boyfriend Justin Nikita. The actor and a lawyer a couple we're joined in matrimony a private ceremony. Saturday in SoHo Manhattan. And death to be of a bar had to treat our congratulations but other. Great guests -- -- -- -- and -- borrowers don't street just to mention some congratulations. Yes absolutely. Beautiful couple.

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{"id":19731317,"title":"Geraldo Rivera Tweets Semi-Nude Photo","duration":"2:45","description":"Geraldo Rivera, 70, posts a shirtless bathroom picture on Twitter.","url":"/WNN/video/geraldo-rivera-tweets-semi-nude-photo-19731317","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}