New glimmer of hope in the fight against COVID

Cases of the virus and hospitalizations are on the decline nationwide, but vaccination appointments in some states are being canceled due to low supply. ABC’S Kenneth Moton reports.
2:58 | 01/25/21

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Transcript for New glimmer of hope in the fight against COVID
This morning a new glimmer of hope in the pandemic covered cases are now declining across all regions of the country. And hospitals they should go the lowest since December 14. Picking the next four weeks will really tell a lot whether that date is just an attack early debt from the highest after the holidays. Or we can sustain that downward trajectory he's improve our nation. But over the weekend the US passing 25 million cases five million of them since January 1 the dep told now topping 4181000. People. And now president Biden is issuing a new travel ban restricting travel from South Africa. As well as re imposing the travel ban for Brazil the UK Ireland and 26 European countries. As various of the virus from South Africa and the UK spread around the world. Virus is basically telling us that it's changing. He got ready for it comes as the White House faces growing push back after unveiling his one point nine trillion dollar co written relief plan. The package would include another round of direct payments to most Americans this time for 14100 dollars. Although they say they're open to putting more money in americans' pockets many senate Republicans are worried about the bill's overall price tag. But I believe that the economy's gonna come roaring back and spending and borrowing trillions of dollars could from the Chinese among others. He is not necessarily the best thing we can do to get our economy to be strong long term. The bill also includes 160 billion dollars for vaccine distribution. This weekend the US finally passed twenty million shots administered a number of the trump administration that promised to reach in December. But some states are being forced to cancel appointments because supplies are running out the new CDC director acknowledges they're not even sure how much vaccine is out there right now. The fact that we don't know it today five days into this administration and weeks into planning how much vaccine we have. Just gives you a sense what the challenges we've done last class. Key figures from the start of the pandemic are now opening up about president trumps corn of ours task force. And a candid interview with the New York Times doctor Anthony county says despite clashing with trop he never consider resigning. Doctor county tells the times I always thought that if I did walk away the skunk at the picnic would no longer be at the picnic. Adding he could resign because someone had to push back against the nonsense beings about it from the administration. In doctor Deborah Burks going further claiming that trump presented graphs that those briefings last year as she never made. I saw the president presenting graphs that I never made I know what I sent out. And I know that what was in his hands was different from that. As businesses grapple with the weeks and months ahead one pro basketball team at the new security strategy the Miami Heat will use specially trained dogs to sniff fans for code red. If the dog says that signals they may have detected the virus. And fans will be asked to leave that's really really interesting dogs are amazing creatures and their noses are way more powerful than ours. The FDA has not signed off on whether using dogs as an effective way to screen for cove it.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Cases of the virus and hospitalizations are on the decline nationwide, but vaccination appointments in some states are being canceled due to low supply. ABC’S Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75466057","title":"New glimmer of hope in the fight against COVID","url":"/WNN/video/glimmer-hope-fight-covid-75466057"}