Golden Globe Nominations Announced

"Lincoln" and "Argo" headline the awards looked at as a pre-cursor to the Oscars.
3:46 | 12/14/12

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Transcript for Golden Globe Nominations Announced
This is Wilson's favorite segment all right. Golden Globe nomination -- -- yesterday -- to get to hear -- -- called into it. Of course the big -- that this is a precursor of Oscars -- get into award season now. So here we go apparently went that they belong to the movie and Lincoln not a shocking everyone's raving about this move for the most part -- not -- succeed and I. I am dying to -- to slowed in the movies anyway. So Lincoln did really well and that Argo but Catholics movie that he directed and starred in did very well. It's a welcome got nominated for best picture drama on top club life of high zero dark thirty about the bin Laden raid and jango unchanged best actress for drama Jessica -- aim for zero dark thirty. Then Marion much is less -- from -- -- Helen -- for Hitchcock Naomi Watts for the impossible Rachel wise for deep blue -- best actor drama Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln was thinks most folks thinks he's -- -- Richard -- for arbitrage jump all for the sessions Joaquin Phoenix for the master Denzel Washington. Four a lot so those those are the highlights it also for the shake it. -- of commission. On our -- you want to point out that for best television drama breaking bad boardwalk and. Higher dealt at the homeland and -- -- -- against. And it didn't newsroom we'll just wanted to that in there the newsroom to get it will be for the validation for -- I love that he. That big big fat. We have I don't know if you it's all right there Alan that flattened body would -- NASDAQ is -- -- -- yeah I doubt that the US and Downton -- -- of that mountain satellites and weather great job. -- -- -- -- Willis in the commission can have a viewing parties that have OK all -- so a really great thing happening in New York City last night they have the -- to benefit you saw Bon Jovi -- Springsteen. Make -- release does everybody have collaborate forward the victims but some think -- -- -- jagr -- -- -- really. A little insensitive here's what he said he's. -- some higher range from from people -- the -- -- -- -- this is got to be the largest collection of old English musicians ever assembled. And Madison Square Garden but I've got to say. It rains in London where he still -- -- -- -- Monday and you've got to come help us OK so basically comparing. Fourteen standing which killed a 140 people and rebuilding is expected to reach seventy billion dollars comparing that to -- I'm -- -- meant -- as a joke but made me really how -- Haven't come across the -- All right Jon Stewart could have harsh words apparently there's one person has never allowed to go back to The Daily Show ever ever ever doubt the actor Hugh Grant Hill the issue was on the show back in 2009. Ed Stewart was that given some was at a at -- -- -- Jersey. That is kind of was told the audience look he was his quote was he's giving everyone -- weren't the whole time he's a big thing in that they were John said apparently there is a clip that the publicist provided the movie that he was promoting at the time. And grant was upset about the clip is a relative terrible Clinton and then sue reply won't will that make a better epic movie -- -- -- what. -- -- and Jon Stewart no love lost there. OK Charlie Sheen is in a Philanthropic -- kind of mood here to give 100000 dollars to Lindsay low when it seems to be a hopeless cause -- network girl but he also gave 75000 dollars. And his body double gave 25000 dollars to a cancer stricken daughter -- him most beach police officer -- just. Heard about it over the weekend -- had no parents have to watch their kids go through that gave 75000 dollars. 100000 dollars total. Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame congratulations. To Paul is famous man.

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{"id":17971647,"title":"Golden Globe Nominations Announced","duration":"3:46","description":"\"Lincoln\" and \"Argo\" headline the awards looked at as a pre-cursor to the Oscars.","url":"/WNN/video/golden-globe-nominations-announced-17971647","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}