Getting Gorgeous Glutes That Are Bootyful

ABC's Nikki Battiste gets some workout tips for building up a perfect bottom.
3:46 | 02/20/15

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Transcript for Getting Gorgeous Glutes That Are Bootyful
Okay what got that's coming go over 2015. Shaping up to beat the a year though both head hairs in it that's a good year. But I bet Thanksgiving as a roadmap to MITRE bottoms ABC's Nikki Batiste. Okay had to like get a podium should guide your right it is all about gorgeous flutes and I want to one New York City gym to channel my energy allowed. From day lows booty malicious hit. To make containers all about that base steer the big big. Booty thanks to these dairy air devoted divas there's now a fitness class to give you buttons time. Guys. I am gone down by a David Barton gym I took them booty glass class what's the perfect but it's a half moon as a form of bombs. You know you wanna strike a balance between that I have moved nice rounded and then play goes into the hands straight ahead because really important. Fitness manager Tony comical says forget clarity of the focus here strength training do we have any of fear which we worry about bulking up. The total misnomer really got a lot more court expenditure weigh more than you wouldn't part of this but burning class porches 500. Calories. You're driving him very. We do lose. He says the keyboard disclosed as after burned that's what strength training gives us the metabolism in high gear for 48 hours. And we're going right back at our first line. We kicked off with some reverse lunges having zero violence here oh boy and I. But he had. Like it before me. He's he's for a tight places the delighted squad in many varieties. There's this newest client whose lives are taken out. And colonel should squat jumps who. Burton. The woman next to me now that's a perfect posterior. If people comment on here but just when you're walking on the street aired in a park our way. And my new title. I but I. You know we're all willing to us away from some buns of steel. I think I fell one facet already we see you blew it up. It didn't work I love it panicking at the booty expert I don't get in shape it's all about the squat about we're gonna learn 31 casino slot assuming it down okay. Usually don't awaken with your kids you can hold your co anchor at the squad down yeah. Okay she has this week ready let's get up squeeze your gluten. And sweet sweet gimmicky attempt at. Screens. Are you doing this and sweet kicking it is brushing your if you look at that. If even that you're working your calves here okay okay so that and that's one that we're pentagon says it's getting more advanced OK let's put spots already been done but. Do you get continuously. Public Godwin. Flying. Through about an hour get out and oh yeah I haven't gotten that from my sonics that and I don't hunt. Did not look good doesn't it both ways brine it come on faster we know yeah. Get them back and whenever Obama did I wish. Their biggest challenge biggest talents like John played down metallic applied literally down to get your butt and up one book until we. Yeah. Even my suit every day and then how am I reading your butt out yeah. Yeah I'm. Oh yeah.

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{"id":29097926,"title":"Getting Gorgeous Glutes That Are Bootyful","duration":"3:46","description":"ABC's Nikki Battiste gets some workout tips for building up a perfect bottom.","url":"/WNN/video/gorgeous-glutes-29097926","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}