Daft Punk, Macklemore Win Big at Grammys

Daft Punk took home top awards; plus Lorde, Pharrell, Beyonce and Jay Z sang their hit songs.
3:00 | 01/27/14

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Transcript for Daft Punk, Macklemore Win Big at Grammys
-- On the Grammy stage of personal in the big moments from last night's show in Los Angeles and world news now music and media consultant Bruno -- -- not -- joining us now Bruno. Welcome back to show always a pleasure to get your take on all this -- start out with the guys in their helmets Daft Punk what did you think. Guys it's the year of the robots try -- grammys five grammys including the big one the album of the year it was there year. Great performance. Fantastic. And some of their -- big winners and the night apple warned Ryan Lewis a pretty big night right. Yes they did they were nominated for seven grammys and -- walk away with the Marines. Including best new artist which is a big one you know there was a lot of talk about them. Doing the song. Some. And this isn't he one happening -- a year and a half ago nobody knew who they work come out of Seattle. Year and a half later one point five million albums and fifteen million singles sold huge you can. And doing a song of course right before the big and who as a part of the big wedding ceremony which was also another special moments. That was one of the moment -- everybody's been talking about at least for the last two days on social media everybody talked about the big wedding there's 33 couples are going to be officiated by -- the -- and Madonna and everybody else. It was a it was a pretty big when I think we'll be hearing a lot about this tomorrow and in the days to come as well. Liberals talk about another artists to really last year nobody knew in this year wow what sort of force -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- this is a seventeen year old girls from New Zealand. Who wrote this song in one hour and she posted it online thinking nobody who who really gonna care about the song. A hundred million views later. The song went to number one for nine weeks this summer and it's her year and we're just all glad she's around seventeen years old think about when she's twenty or 25 which he's -- accomplished -- What she really cleaned up last night tissue won some pretty big awards. Yes she did including the -- which is viewed the award that goes to the song -- so this -- is the speaks in very very highly of her that. You know the grammys -- are voted on by by the industry in my songwriters and producers and artists themselves so for the industry to have voted her. Song of the year -- this is a big one. So what is -- favorite moment of the night. My favorite moment of the night was Daft Punk performance Daft Punk Stevie Wonder and corral for -- -- walked away producer of the year and his -- -- got so much Twitter talk all night. -- -- That was the highlight of the evening from the -- performance it really felt like the Staples Center which is the auditorium. Western into of the discotheque and we had 141000. Celebrities dancing like -- including Jay-Z and beyoncé and and Marc Anthony and and and -- Steven Tyler right -- There is dancing like if you as the club's it was a great feeling great -- to -- real party atmosphere there ain't. It was incredible but then again it speaks highly of what Daft Punk music's all about the most infectious song this year was get lucky. Tom -- is only got like you just mentioned beyoncé. She may have outdone herself on -- -- -- rethink hello god it was off the charts it was off the charts what are -- to start the show right and then. Have her husband daisy come on stage and help route and then get this big huge you know -- -- -- hug afterwards. It was great beyoncé they had no nominations by the way but she in the last two months her album is the best selling album around the world. So this is something the -- -- to have. Because she is right now at the top of the world. Just want to leave any great performances you're saying before that you think it's really was a big night. About the performance is not just the awards. Yeah there were twenty performances marsh and it was one what was better -- the other -- pink was incredible as well it looked like she was god doing a circus a -- Dan. The highway man Chris Kristofferson. Would Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson and where children were being credible to showstopper and standing ovation as well. They look like Metallica was also outstanding towards the end so it was a good one it was a good show. No doubt about that great show -- -- were not of thanks as always we appreciate it stay with us everybody. The mix is next. A we could make it.

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{"id":22177442,"title":"Daft Punk, Macklemore Win Big at Grammys","duration":"3:00","description":"Daft Punk took home top awards; plus Lorde, Pharrell, Beyonce and Jay Z sang their hit songs.","url":"/WNN/video/grammy-awards-2014-winners-performances-22177442","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}