Grammys Winners of Music and Fashion

Daft Punk won for Record of the Year while Beyonce turned heads on the red carpet.
3:00 | 01/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grammys Winners of Music and Fashion
-- -- -- -- -- Nine -- -- -- then hit song that was very good to its duo last night's Grammy. Seattle ways that this anyway the winner is -- the big awards that helmet wearing Daft Punk winning record -- big year for get lucky. Also opponent of the year -- big night for that -- best new artist on top -- or more and Ryan Lewis and seventeen year old born. One best song of the year for royals. And she was shocked. She was really surprised by ambulance but you get the -- You've got -- into when a few more she seems she has a ton of talent she's 17 -- -- this evening. Credit -- that grammys are out about the performances and it started with -- beyoncé and Jay DS steamy front and love rendition. Take a lesson. That is tame compared to the way it started out as a -- What a way to start the show up and out but you're -- beyoncé and Jay-Z and looking dapper as always. We have silence we'll kind of -- -- -- Another report and getting lots of -- not born Ryan Lewis singing Shane -- nearly three dozen couples got married this was. Also Madonna even joined Dan and those couples hi I'm not quite the wedding story doesn't -- -- I'll do my -- -- I -- I teared up watching this in a lot of people and the audience as well I was just really really special brother. Let's let's the -- ago. There were the fashion highlights of course is cyclical Madonna on the red carpet -- -- understated Ralph Lauren look there. -- -- the material girl credits her son David for choosing the matching outfits. Fiance got kudos for her sexy white floral Michael Costello black -- is -- home. Yeah like they've also -- -- little that little more than one. Now I'm not a big fan of Madonna -- -- Katy Perry was a standout in this is standing white Valentino ball account that had musical notes on the bottom of that very cute Taylor Swift stab her signature gold sheet in this Gucci gown she looked gorgeous does that. Greg I would not sure what to make up about Carroll's tenure there -- that. I was a little like. Goalmouth pile lovely Canadian -- mania -- -- in the half from -- yes and that is we pay for welcome we have our. OK can totally see it's definitely the art is look -- I want roast beef sandwich sudden. -- -- Art there was another big ceremony last night that had nothing to do -- music industry was the first bachelor wedding online -- customer. That's -- stunning -- switching back and forth -- jungle out there and made it official tying the knot in Santa Barbara and a two hour special here on AB CN from the looks of things I'm. Creating could not be happier they bring data -- don't -- age and -- other bachelor bachelorette couples married over the years Martin Monday. -- Obama's and I know -- yeah. Cried it was -- -- yeah. I'm -- was stunning why she left and Sean Jensen do you -- -- like you mentioned Marcy the couple had said that they were gonna wait. So they were married to consummate their relationship. Yes they have possession of -- -- I guess it's consummated twelfth or soon to be. Good news for Bruce Springsteen fans who got off that -- -- help please the boss is back on tour. He and his. Africa and they opened with a tribute to late south African president Nelson Mandela nearly thirty years ago Springsteen and his band were part of -- -- united against apartheid. Last night sold out show ended of course swift. Bone -- in the US today. What -- -- with the political experience for everybody there. AM there in South Africa -- he started that in you know -- various your mental -- in. Stephen and then sort of started an entire apartment about movement with artists and various -- -- -- -- any help Africa OK cool. Stay with us we'll be right back.

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{"id":22207489,"title":"Grammys Winners of Music and Fashion","duration":"3:00","description":"Daft Punk won for Record of the Year while Beyonce turned heads on the red carpet.","url":"/WNN/video/grammys-winners-music-fashion-22207489","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}