Grandpa Gets Super-Fit at Age 64

Grandfather from Louisville, Ky., gets in best shape of his life.
2:52 | 10/25/13

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Transcript for Grandpa Gets Super-Fit at Age 64
Before it comes -- makes Diana had a fascinating we. Through Dallas head for the purpose of the sudden you've gotta do what you do we value every day. I'm -- that we definitely bizarre. But -- read it. It doesn't always work -- Atlanta one of my goals like these is to get in better shape and I've not exactly Health Net the head but this guy gives -- -- he's a -- -- -- -- yet he's a grand. Caller from Louisville, Kentucky says look I was in my fifties after Wright Brothers department -- force that was 56 years old I was overweight. Couldn't really walk I had braces I was walking -- McCain but -- discovered some fitness program on YouTube called it. Bart Starr's take a look at him now take a look at this -- -- Steve four years old he is -- -- things Cal's. It is not exercise into the age of 56 from look at -- now gives us also -- how never too late to get in shape maybe. Another thing. This video not quite amazing maybe. -- this is action Karen -- testing period you can push yourself. In a weightless environment -- -- -- singles and -- -- -- -- -- -- We are -- Deny it. Hung at different morning wars -- -- -- their homes. That's the world. Hope. Around the World Cup history the skinny is our gossip -- That's the world news -- I have a friend -- -- had and it's got some killer apps. It's -- -- please box and it has and then he's -- take time like he is little boy with my useless trying to employ. That's the world news -- The world news broke. -- -- -- The quote. This has. A lot of -- you'd think world and money it would come whiplash. Not angry I'm not mad the Internet it's just the bad fats though worldnews -- Something has -- -- by the latest gizmos plus Wiki. Thank you snobs the economy's still shaky while apple they've got job okay. They have some fun -- well Andrea angered and galloped through the world -- polka. You're gonna have you get a -- when he got a hell you -- according.

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{"id":20679294,"title":"Grandpa Gets Super-Fit at Age 64","duration":"2:52","description":"Grandfather from Louisville, Ky., gets in best shape of his life.","url":"/WNN/video/grandpa-super-fit-age-64-20679294","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}