Growing Al Qaeda Threat in Africa

US military and intelligence assets are far from Algeria hostage situation, Mali.
1:22 | 01/18/13

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Transcript for Growing Al Qaeda Threat in Africa
Now to the new staging ground for terror. We want to show you where we think al qaeda splinter cells are separating tonight. Take a look ap each of those dots is a smaller operation. The bigger ones are in somalia, niger nigeria, and mali, where the mastermind behind this crisis has taken sanctuary. Brian ross has been tracking him. Where does it stand? Mr. Mock tar bell mock tar is now being hunted. His group has said they planned this attack for two months and considered it a big success. As we heard from secretary of state panetta and fenton today, the u.S. Will not rest until they track him down and bring him to justice. What. Does the u.S. Do about the splinter cells across africa? How do you track them across the continent? It's a huge, vast continent, and very few resources for the u.S. As we've seen on this map. We have u.S. Assets in italy and djibouti. Djibouti is approximately 2,800 miles, the difference between new york and san francisco. Going after anybody there would be difficult for the u.S. They plan to do it in conjunction with the french who are already in the country. Brian ross, thanks so much. Now, we turn to the giant interview everyone was talking

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{"id":18253741,"title":"Growing Al Qaeda Threat in Africa","duration":"1:22","description":"US military and intelligence assets are far from Algeria hostage situation, Mali.","url":"/WNT/video/growing-al-qaeda-threat-africa-18253741","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}