Halle Berry Forced to Pay Thousands in Child Support

The Oscar winning actress is forced to pay her ex-boyfriend $16,000 per month in child support.
4:12 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for Halle Berry Forced to Pay Thousands in Child Support
We begin skating with a big payout -- Halley Berry's baby daddy. Every ordered to pay her ex -- -- all Marie's 161000. Dollars a month to support the six year old daughter. That they have that's close to 200000. Dollars a year. Well -- was also awarded a 1151000. Dollars in retroactive support and Berry has to pay his court fees. Of about 300000. Dollars -- -- also has a child with her husband home Olivea polygamy -- -- -- Oliver Martinez. Bible really Ryan's little Kim will be saying in the near future may -- nursery rhymes to 39 year old rapper just gave birth to her first child the baby girl was born yesterday morning. A New Jersey hospital the rap star also known as queen beat. -- her new daughter -- -- -- -- Yep -- is believed to be New York rapper mr. papers congratulations by the way -- -- and from little Kim's famous friends including fellow rapper Missy Elliott and Miley Cyrus -- -- well rain. I think glad tidings to celebrity breakups having some fans just can't let it go when it comes to -- -- Danks went from his singer India -- out. At a couple who met as members of the original Broadway cast them -- back in 1995 ending their ten year marriage. But now they're not even in the same part of the country digs in California shooting murder in the first and -- doing eight shows a week on Broadway. Digs tells redbook that he wasn't entirely surprised at fans' reaction to their break up saying quote. Wasn't easy for people to -- for us. All right next up sir Paul McCartney is not quite ready to hit the concert trail yet. The legendary formal -- beetle was supposed to open a US leg of his current tour this coming Saturday night. But that's not going to happen in fact McCartney has canceled all the show was exposed to perform this month because he still recovering from a virus. Regarding also postponed some shows in Asia last month for the same reason -- -- the US shows that he's been putting off they have already been rescheduled -- that'll happen in October. Is next scheduled concert is July 5 in Albany, New York doesn't looks really ageless and yeah incredible hate to have his jeans right -- trying to help. Miley Cyrus gets a lot of -- and sometimes a good reason she pushes the envelope like a few young stars do -- one famous singer has been known to push a few envelopes of around. This coming to her defense. Dolly Parton and defending Miley saying she understands what Miley is going through she said when she was starting out she was dressing sexy showing -- led to. Which was pretty gusty back that -- Dolly says quote. Lots of people thought I was making a mistake and that I was just trashing which I was struck a -- Ali by the way -- -- back for good reason she is her -- I didn't know that Dolly says she doesn't give advice to my -- she says everyone have to walk their own journey. Attitudes that have. That was about -- -- and OK this is pretty aspect we all know drummers are cool right but the drummer from Weezer. Took it up a notch at a concert over the -- to check this out you can see him playing along there. -- -- is -- -- check it out on stage without missing of the -- the prison. Region that -- it right into his teeth and just keeps up Bryant. Sprinkle the fat yeah and tried out at home I can't believe -- But he did back. Yeah not at all. He's the only good and I know he's going content you can enjoy. No you know people who say that -- And -- never really gave him no I am really not and atrocious here judges' -- and stimulants and celebrity birthday celebrating birthday today first. To royalty in great -- He -- 93 today shows no signs of slowing down. If it doesn't guests invited to share his birthday at the royal -- Next to another -- model and actress Elizabeth Hurley she's 49 look. -- wouldn't go ahead yet another model Kate Upton celebrating birthday she turns 12. And Olympic gold medalist skater Tara Lipinski is 32 happy birthday to all field.

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{"id":24067054,"title":"Halle Berry Forced to Pay Thousands in Child Support","duration":"4:12","description":"The Oscar winning actress is forced to pay her ex-boyfriend $16,000 per month in child support.","url":"/WNN/video/halle-berry-forced-pay-thousands-child-support-24067054","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}