Halle Berry's Ex-Boyfriend Arrested

Gabriel Aubry held on a misdemeanor-battery charge after fistfight with the actress' fiance, Olivier Martinez.
3:00 | 11/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Halle Berry's Ex-Boyfriend Arrested
Ex girlfriend Halley -- back in the news this morning going back. So we are we go -- -- we had I had been of those who got -- two you know she suffocated with but anywhere from choking you pick up. Back but they -- -- -- in this kind of a serious situation. Apparently there's a -- -- incident yesterday because her baby daddy -- real -- kind of showed up at the house and was arrested because -- -- a melee broke out with. -- his fiancee. Olivier Martinez -- this is according to. The DMZ here this is what I happen and got real Aubrey was booked on a misdemeanor charge and release 120000 dollar. Bail he apparently showed up at various doorstep with their four year old daughter for a custodial handoff -- -- avenue -- had a nasty custody battles in months ago this week goes there to her house to drop off the kid. And apparently flipped out when her fiance Olivier made the comment quote we have to move on -- -- that allegedly pushed Martinez. Threw a punch is faced striking him in the shoulder Martinez fought back and the struggle ended -- -- all read pinned to the ground. According to a source that was reporting this to TMZ -- suffered a broken rib apparently Martinez may have broken -- and has suffered neck injuries. As well -- missiles like a brawl brawl these guys got pretty. Banged up and some -- is apparently thought it was said that put these guys out while they were just trying to -- the daughter on Thanksgiving yet. And -- -- was -- watching this because then yeah. Year old girl was watching this happen and we don't need another Hollywood baby having troubles going up let's get it together it's my -- out she's -- college Fallujah beautiful tell a woman is heading. Really rocky love life over the years of this latest dust up so -- -- -- this works out nothing else for the little girl involved you know. Blue also in this -- station here making headlines not for her fabulous -- Since the -- and it sounds come for another reason her ex boyfriend and a former manager is suing her for 100 million dollars. MacKenzie claims that she reneged on the deal all that to keep paying him as a share her business profits after they broke up BC 2004 rhetorical losing money. And under his management here in tens of millions of dollars and according to hand got a -- million items -- nation. -- -- the parent of breaking up. He claims that her lawyer fired and he wants more money she is now recommends incentive -- -- no comment from. Here and a. Literally and her -- du -- you can turn to gold medals. Us that you are also little laying low when you know he's he's he's back in the news this -- people -- After that you have to -- Well he apparently is -- -- -- he has some kind of medical issue where he suffers. Seizures -- sometime mid airlines on a plane had a medical emergency last month. Because he had seizure like -- on -- back to back flights to give an interview to to MTV and the room got pretty not. When he says look. -- they wouldn't let the AC unit in the room as it makes a lot of noise which makes it hard to do the interview this kind of buzzing AC -- -- the background. But he says look I want domino would stop Saddam on drugs or whatever it's that I need to stay -- as they get to warm it didn't come on the seizure medications so there's a meeting as some kind of conditions so much so the -- -- said -- stay awful playing for the foreseeable future -- about the condition inside the plane triggers these conditions that we hope. He's okay until -- -- pretty serious. You know affliction -- so but. Doctors' advice -- We'll get also before we go real quick one more before we got. -- concert tour Chris Brown cancer in one of the Monday and a because look -- the protests were coming out. Because of his fight with Rihanna and -- so now he's canceling it because they're gonna protest at. -- can't shake the image yeah.

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{"id":17791951,"title":"Halle Berry's Ex-Boyfriend Arrested","duration":"3:00","description":"Gabriel Aubry held on a misdemeanor-battery charge after fistfight with the actress' fiance, Olivier Martinez.","url":"/WNN/video/halle-berrys-boyfriend-arrested-17791951","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}