Han Solo Hospitalized

Harrison Ford hurts himself on the set of the new "Star Wars" movie.
3:57 | 06/13/14

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Transcript for Han Solo Hospitalized
Economic -- -- little surprise yeah. Your home from Pamela Anderson passed away bikini -- -- -- -- -- to doing that well -- -- -- -- -- Thank you so ridiculous. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's great and exciting yeah they miss. An alcohol view as to how long we do in the maternity leave for Diana when we'd dream -- dream and I TVY for the three month yes I couldn't miss the celebration. -- but you know you guys are having. Treat sudden. Eyewitness party look at that isn't and I even have -- great time this is my favorite I was vomiting on beacon news links and there's one of the funds they've ever had here. And I yeah. Might. That was a fun idea a full time good time and back to read to you -- what what are you doing what I am still not -- already taken did you. You wouldn't use getting rusty to select a well let's get to the skin is starting -- paint this. Bill for Harrison Ford. It happened on the set of the latest Star Wars movie just west of London yes -- you want Urlacher airlifted to a hospital in Oxford. For treatment what's believed to be a broken ankle to chest and -- is -- by the west and after reportedly being hit on the door by a space ship the millennium. Ford is reprising his role as Han Solo for the latest -- -- -- Star Wars saga. Star Wars episode seven produced by our parent company -- you have not lost -- touch -- -- The political arena and that -- yeah. Read our scripts are ready and we're bubble in someone's -- tied to other Americans are suffered a bit of an embarrassment abroad. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. Got out actually how. -- lower them even tapped her might to make sure was still on wow lots -- nightmare fans NCAA scandal -- Hundred speaking of the World -- let's take a moment to talk about what is. Really important really have a heck -- -- is actually that's right yeah yeah and given birth to a brand new top metro sexual making the way. Forced -- sexual basically they're just better built with. Let's -- there are motorcycles are better bodies in other -- and and I am not -- and yeah -- speeding up social media plastered all over billboards magazines TV commercials. And they just may spark -- new interest here in America. In soccer they have at least one and right yeah hi yeah. Let me ask -- -- -- -- Stop hoping to -- and he loved it I was old -- Robin thinks -- a heart problem out all the stops to back his estranged wife of nearly nine years Paula that the 38 year old baggage claim -- -- split from her high school sweetheart earlier this year. And now six latest attempt to win her back he has confirmed to us weekly. He is naming his New England after her -- her yeah. My work maybe that album due out July 1 will be called pot luck actor's wife. And it'll include the single get -- back will -- work. Oh yeah little more than -- and quality I congratulate day surprises coming out.

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{"id":24120312,"title":"Han Solo Hospitalized","duration":"3:57","description":"Harrison Ford hurts himself on the set of the new \"Star Wars\" movie.","url":"/WNN/video/han-solo-hospitalized-24120312","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}