Happenings of the Past Week

What were the big stories from this last week?
0:51 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for Happenings of the Past Week
Welcome back and everybody of course mercifully it is Friday morning entitled entitlement back in the week that was. And it was pretty nightmarish of course in the heartland of those tornadoes killed. Dozens of people but it -- ended celebration with Prince Harry and -- -- seen and observing Queen Elizabeth. Diamond jubilee. -- -- -- -- run over they feel that it. -- -- need to see the folly not to board tried on did not report China much to go -- Google must resume. Two defendants we do believe that there is still a -- That allows war. Diplomatic resolution to -- -- and I don't even consider myself weapon which is an interesting thing I. I'm hyped its case can be here today and gone tomorrow not much of that time -- get this nomination. -- again at least a couple of gold medals. And -- hall past the -- silver medalist. Tomorrow will bring another chapter. In the race. -- I think the worst campaign I've ever seen. I just -- I hate the fact that people think compromise is a dirty word and I again sincerely apologize to -- blue. We're using those two words to describe I don't want a personal phone call from him attacks yeah personally -- can't learn enough. Giving -- and son Jesus said. I think that it's. It's it's it's it's unnatural I think and it's it's it's detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many. The foundations of civilization we know enough -- I'm -- fifth on the whole street something during case dumb thing that was fifth trip. You know this studios feels like had bad. This game each I thought I don't. Amazing what happens in the course several week -- -- -- -- PR rehab let's say two attempted also coming up to unemployment numbers are out today -- opens things to look pretty good to could be not a good economic signs on the lookout for later today. And Dominique Strauss-Kahn everyone's favorite Playboy. Exactly -- -- speaking Cambridge. University his first engagements is his recent dust up the hotel incident here then the alleged involved in the prostitution ring so. We're -- don't in this case minds morality I'm sure how much they'll plus they all like to do and -- the warm weather if you live in the northeast because going to be unseasonably warm split in the short -- Thank you. Had coming up a consumer alert regarding those push button ignition exiting cars like some advocates want drivers to use -- engine start and turn off their cars are watching world news.

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{"id":15883596,"title":"Happenings of the Past Week","duration":"0:51","description":"What were the big stories from this last week?","url":"/WNN/video/happenings-past-week-15883596","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}