Happy Birthday to the Martian Rover

The rover named Curiosity celebrates its first year on the Martian surface.
2:55 | 08/07/13

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Transcript for Happy Birthday to the Martian Rover
I tap the next to the battle on the -- of little lonely -- they would like you wish -- -- -- -- -- far away from -- yeah all the for a little martian rover curiosity it's 208. Million miles from home -- visits one year anniversary on Mars by itself it ain't -- nobody executives also happy -- the program -- -- NASA program did two play happy -- for itself. Technically it's not planning apparently just -- raids on different treatments. Soil sample even batter batter batter up poor Fella in the first -- on Mars curiosity has taken more than 78000. Fired more than 75000 laser shots checked soil and rock composition and it's driven. A whopping one mile -- like a foot a year and a larger than it won't be afoot but they'll file any my. I don't here it was very slow but the poor little -- celebrated his one year anniversary with a little vibrating happy birthday. I don't think -- out. It looks pretty -- if it's presenting -- -- pictures and all that stuff and -- only thing that Catholic giving with a vibrant. Diabetics those the other -- out -- consider yourself. Yeah right yeah whether -- in the run drive them all back here not violating a happy birthday phone. -- going back to -- in Virginia. There isn't enough to try and -- airspace above two sites over a highway that deal -- they're trying to raise money to pay for transportation across the state level and local government level. And so what they're doing it essentially the added. Opened up these two sites above behind 66. -- -- metro station and the metro parking lot in east Falls Church in Arlington County. In order to allow people to come and -- them high they're not -- with airspace air rights for buying air right yep and it. Not anything and really you can build anything -- that. The people of the partnership say that it can be -- could be mixed use no matter what it then just bring it given moneys that we can -- transportation -- interesting idea yeah. They have a and it's up all -- New York City especially in outskirts in the suburbs like in Queens that happens all the time. We kind of -- these highways going underneath these big -- it's because we've. If you -- yes we have -- and not much left an all out there what's -- about this say New York -- twenty years old yet. Tries to sell his -- girlfriend a baby as girlfriend's baby. -- -- front of the year. I can imagine this -- is -- these charges of endangering the welfare of child and harassment after offering his partner's child online. For 100 big box stores say Marquez point two had been out of the baby's mother just a few times I guess -- too tight. But he felt she wasn't -- -- enough attention so -- got angry with thirty decided oppose further the daughter. -- and Craig's list. Web site. Because -- and -- and wild streak. He was now.

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{"id":19889900,"title":"Happy Birthday to the Martian Rover","duration":"2:55","description":"The rover named Curiosity celebrates its first year on the Martian surface.","url":"/WNN/video/happy-birthday-martian-rover-19889900","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}