'Harry Potter' Actor Jailed in UK

Jamie Waylett from the "Harry Potter" series gets two years for rioting.
3:37 | 03/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Harry Potter' Actor Jailed in UK
Welcome back everybody I've said for -- black guess. Well over -- now -- they found Jersey shortly those kids are are hysterical and add a record one of the big stars Michelle obviously is the situation and I always -- all -- his ads and called the drama in the house apparently according to the New York Post. He is now in rehab now wears red cannot confirm that. -- said he spent the past several weeks an undisclosed location for much needed rest and corporation after his extensive production and appearance schedule. Right he just tweeted out on. Monday in fact getting in amazing shape for season six and -- treated briefly. Few hours ago don't believe everything you reader peers that's a -- probably saying you don't believe these reports but detectives read this. Get a flat out denied to -- this kind of weird Israel 29 years old -- rehab for some substance abuse. Troubles so we'll see you quickly and almost -- just signed up for a sixth season of the show including a pregnant smoking so we'll see it was impacts statement on the start this summer. -- -- -- If kids have been going hard for a long time and because -- -- than they make the kind of money they can go as hard as they they want to sell that was situation just tossed. -- -- -- -- The sign into amazing -- okay -- -- to think that the world needs more of helium as we learned last night and reality -- yeah right one more on this 10 yes so we're getting our wish sixty eBay as side of the Jonas Brothers they will beat -- -- New York. Can't wait to see that one they're basically -- afoul of the Brothers around and around New York what they've been up to of course -- been married. -- settling down in Manhattan next advising on Broadway so there really just going to -- Follow the Jonas -- -- it's going to be a family reality show. He went -- strategy but Monday's visit these guys no -- good rev Wright or they would like foul play some pop versions of one point in all this and so -- -- reality -- -- Pretty trashy so I wonder. You know what flavor of these guys -- will bring to it. They have very helpful from reality. Allah can grant access to -- that I America -- -- eyewitness -- the card actually ends with the Jonas brother her. But they they traveled different circle okay that different clinics aren't so Harry Potter Harry Potter star is the needs him to prison for two years Jamie -- he played -- crap. In Harry Potter movies -- -- is going to spend two years and rivers prison because he participated on -- riots last year. A surveillance video. Thomas found that he was indeed part of the riots cops believe that he was packing a Molotov cocktail while also looting that alcohol from a drug -- And if you noticed he was taken out of the last two Harry Potter -- because of I'm some drug related incidents that it happens and he had a previous records you noticed he was -- -- last year representing myself. And I am -- the only person left America with nuts and Harry Potter movie in my in my -- and he that cannot really tell me shipwrecks yeah. Nothing Saudi parents. So bad about that policy -- eventually have problems. Stood there watching the Jonas Brothers reality TV shows also wrote Clinton told about Charlie should recover his meltdown the last -- years so. And it is back on the set of his new series anger management business income is gonna have dissipated -- -- -- -- people say he's doing well he's there he showed up he was rarely sober and find. But and a former genius his spirit. Won't reappear on the star of the sitcom two and a half men and we played by captive agency said that episode in late April but -- ghost of his former cabinet shall make your parents come up -- -- we should be very good.

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{"id":15968179,"title":"'Harry Potter' Actor Jailed in UK","duration":"3:37","description":"Jamie Waylett from the \"Harry Potter\" series gets two years for rioting.","url":"/WNN/video/harry-potter-actor-jailed-uk-15968179","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}