More Hazards of Smoking

Stay away from flammables when you light up!
2:57 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for More Hazards of Smoking
World news now delivers your morning -- All right if you've ever had little pitch walk by Frontline groups. They feel unwelcome present -- -- -- who make up comment area the man accepted it a few John it is not a good start to the day visit there isn't really answer added up apartment in Cincinnati they are requiring the renters to take their dogs and -- -- Tested their DNA test. And so they're gonna have samples of their DNA by swabbing the dogs and go on middle and there it is -- out so basically if something happens -- there's a mess left out there and it is connected back to your -- You're going to be fine 200 dollars. I love that. I didn't want is right I think it's a brilliant idea I've I've bounced out not to say the accident and it -- common element of -- -- somebody that's why people don't scoop it -- I think that's good yeah. -- gave the -- let me get to the real crime it. And our society no dog who -- -- there. Stated this talk about -- were -- here there -- this guy 41 year old man in Brazil. And so you know objectivity that is a huge. No problem these days -- -- -- -- up just yet because he had some. Some idea he was trying to get by but even pick a random guy or a relative and let's face it college kids evolve a fake IDs and all this kind of stuff this guy takes. Guess who's picture -- past -- Jack Nicholson and need not know -- would recognize his world famous and highly decorated actor. And so now they've busted as he got to be kidding me there's actually no resemblance between this guy in this -- and it -- Hit a 41 years old Jack's got he would that's in the seventies these days. Televisa Hollywood stars on use of fake -- There is also number 30 my list here for my page too fast this is under the filed waging do not. Want to die there's a guy in -- -- children just as bad. There's a -- with Carolina there was got counter you know contain on the -- that he thought was a beverage Texas cities actually gasoline. Sources of course he takes this awful spits -- out practically his map out sometime later goes outside. -- -- -- -- Literally blows himself up and -- just like that so -- all the stories that you've. -- if you've had something flammable any any smoke you may not want to smoke after that what an awful awful way to your thoughts with Hispanic horrific. Close this late in that apple -- please drum roll please robbed. You pull out. Honoring the great Diane Sawyer as the most -- ABC American news first and -- -- congratulations to diet and Spalding Anderson Cooper Brian Williams Bill -- just harmless but another great for maybe say. An accident Barbara Walters she came in all the bigwigs and our industry I'd like to personally thank die instantly -- -- at her desk -- activity heavily.

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{"id":15814682,"title":"More Hazards of Smoking","duration":"2:57","description":"Stay away from flammables when you light up!","url":"/WNN/video/hazards-smoking-15814682","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}