WNN Papers: Grading that First Date

Listen to one man's story as he has the nerve to critique a first date.
3:00 | 12/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Papers: Grading that First Date
World news now delivers your morning -- -- It's time for morning papers some -- Are pretty pathetic. You know this this one is -- -- that. Comes from the Daily Mail and it's really a lesson how not to get a second date may be getting -- restraining order but couldn't this is the story basically. Girl meets boy at the -- market. So harmonic because her friend couldn't go big go lot on one -- she doesn't like him it's a horrific Dayton peace sense carries -- banker. A 1615. Word email. Because she wouldn't call them back in here are some of the things that he -- He says you said it was nice to meet you at the end of our day. A woman could say the statement as a way to show that she -- -- interested in seeing a man again are she could mean which she said that it was nice to meet you this statement by itself is inconclusive. Okay this is a wall sooner -- -- what he says this you play with your parent locked. A woman playing with their hair -- a -- -- expectation you can even do a Google search on old door -- -- adding we -- I mean it's so super happy he could be a Psycho he's not gonna get second day he's gonna get a temporary stay. -- -- -- -- Until this thing is -- around the Internet this -- -- actual real life -- in the -- -- real -- down to the -- on red I don't know fellows that are watching. Just let -- go to let it not been aware you're not getting effective -- plenty efficiency move on -- -- this -- -- so desperate and done anyway. Could be big news -- post Clinton party hard on New Year's the FDA has approved a new hangover cure not to give regards an infomercial -- -- -- any that did this thing is called blow fish and it's a mix of. Aspirin caffeine they're now been put together for this kind of Alka Alka-Seltzer like tablet that you take in the morning you wake up feeling you know that that hung over feeling. And supposed to get rid of all the classic -- Symptoms here so I don't -- -- apartments which you kind of taken between drinks or read before you go out this what is for that morning we await them. To what's going on your name. Really excited for that settled fairly FDA can't go that civil case could be the -- until good -- twelve. Yes well this one can't decide what to -- for Christmas. Get this you visit this site that scans friends' FaceBook likes to see what they really want pretty nice -- I think it's totally. Really just scroll down to the site's gift ideas section and if you're logged into FaceBook analyze all your friends interest and it's only recommends gifts for them. For people like me have trouble come I would guess I think it's a great brilliant. This last tactic for you my love apparently radio station this -- here in the switch to all prisoners losing. C a huge spike in ratings have -- clear channel said. There's no report written tactic in radio history that consistently -- ratings increase is better than Christmas music. They can't go up and it's exponentially if they put up with Chris music which is music Ortiz.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Listen to one man's story as he has the nerve to critique a first date.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"15110069","title":"WNN Papers: Grading that First Date","url":"/WNN/video/headline--15110069"}