Heat Wave: It's Hot Enough to Cook Bacon

To show how hot it's been, an Ontario DJ cooks bacon inside his car.
2:54 | 07/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Heat Wave: It's Hot Enough to Cook Bacon
I -- for the next summer time it is hot all over the country. -- hear those horrible stories about dogs being left in cars sometimes babies being left because it always ends tragic. Well Ontario DJ had a little stunt Buddy Bolden was really good study shows just how hot it gets inside these cars -- that's -- video. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Starting to -- Yes crispy bacon is what we want. Maybe -- would dashboard there's. Dashboard cooked bacon products aluminum -- close the doors apparently -- The -- that they put in -- got up to -- 112 degrees and then stopped working. I would imagine that bacon was caught completely crazy put an amount that it was -- what that I seen cookies baked on -- -- -- I was -- on companies would have been a safer I didn't -- hate is right on the street I've never seen -- make it as a pretty good. And they and they did it because it wants an absolutely don't leave your kids your pets in the car period. -- and that is the engine stops running the air conditioner shuts down these things happen. It's never -- good idea. Yeah -- something really quite. You know they say because. Mom becomes -- -- -- in post pregnancy and they don't do it on purpose stats to. They -- put something with you in front that'll remind you your kids to put it Teddy bear on your laps when you're getting and the -- -- -- drama ultimately is -- near exit I think Reverend Wright and I think it'll all be remembered -- -- -- -- -- that the fifteen year old from Tennessee with an enormous enormous heart. And other lung lung head of hair and this is why this is James Dean Johnson the second has been growing his hair out since he was very young. All because every time he gets a little too long he -- it. And donated to -- of -- Lots of that of course being the nonprofit organization that creates wigs for disadvantaged children who you know are tired -- sick -- -- you know they need to wait. And he decided very early on that he wanted to donate his own hair saying I decided I had cancer how what I feel if I didn't get the help that I needed. There's -- a little family history here because not only his grandmother but -- great grandmother. Both suffer from -- answers to come from the succumbed to the illness so there he is he's obviously well on his way to creating yet another -- just every story always always love stories like that and if you're inspired by him questionnaire. Why not talk about a boy from Ohio who did something a little naughty apparently fashioned himself with online instructions a little a blow -- for -- up treatment system. Little direct -- game. It went in the back of his -- he was afraid to tell anybody for three hours he's -- isn't -- -- yes is there it is -- yeah. Parents finally taken to the hospital. And he's still kind of doesn't let on and that the doctors finally say what's going on and they said yeah I've had this -- -- dart -- that made it. I accepted and it got stuff there. He must have been quite scared -- tell -- all the -- that all hell is gonna that ends well he's okay he's okay and hall who knows what kind of punishment. It went dark got to do not tell.

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{"id":19743704,"title":"Heat Wave: It's Hot Enough to Cook Bacon","duration":"2:54","description":"To show how hot it's been, an Ontario DJ cooks bacon inside his car.","url":"/WNN/video/heat-wave-hot-cook-bacon-19743704","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}