Heidi Klum Opens up on Break-up with Seal

Heidi Klum tells Katie Couric all about her break-up from Seal and her new love interest.
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Heidi Klum Opens up on Break-up with Seal
-- -- -- -- -- Room and break up to -- she was on Katie show when she revealed a lot she talked about what's going -- she said quote to Acadia I'm doing kind of OK it's very hard especially. Being an all the magazines and gossip pages and she did -- -- confirmed that in fact. As -- had mentioned some choice but a week earlier when unhappy about that she is warning nations without warning came in with the hired help PS the my -- little -- there but. Heidi said that she is in fact seeing the body -- I trust -- what my children's life talking about Marty got. He's great man and recently we just got to know each other from a completely different side. Digital way of saying what I guess she was -- Yes but they are indeed together Eric Adams and -- -- See how she looks so good for having more kids I love her and she's so self deprecating from -- get a job as a bodyguard for. A supermodel and I don't think your significant other would appreciate I would be good idea now I'm not gonna get out. Are you know what else wasn't a good idea what I'm Alison Pill she is a star of the news are you guys watch that show. Here she is well. This picture didn't exactly look like that she accidentally tweeted a picture of herself. Waist up top list. My -- -- this accident actually twins yes OK so here's what happened she accidentally hit the upload button. Instead look -- she quickly removed it after realizing what she -- but. A little too little too late it already made its rounds and they had she says -- that picture happened my tech issues have -- reached new heights apparently how would -- turned into a tweet. Apologies. I'm thinking. That maybe she was trying to send this picture in which she's. You know naked -- he has yet here nerdy glasses and she's trying to send it to her -- who else it was an actor and it's her fiance some patients having to have. What do you think -- -- -- when you hit the send button and you -- did I just do that. I'm almost done and I'm not an -- -- almost another note did not anything racy but we just didn't have not really an enormous -- to leave by the way I see nothing -- done that before I'm not a huge fan of her character -- -- -- -- we're talking about a really got to get on yeah. That's -- every how but the show itself that I do like the -- -- about seven episodes of the tank. Well I just as your head -- -- and you're not doing so bad here on the set high let's go to Lady Gaga she -- part of -- head. Picture will show you what looks like. Lady got up paying tribute to a friend and frequent -- my time Richardson in light of his mother's recent death check that out I didn't think Jerry and gaga wrote in the AM coast to little monsters dot com including -- -- cover shaved head she wanted to resembled Richardson's airline. I'm sorry about your mommy she has princess we are all princess hot. Interesting bug -- -- shape for a cause there could turn. -- OK so Levi Johnston. Bristol Palin's -- colossal collapse or fame yet he's the daddy again there -- is -- Gallup sunny Oglesby well they are pregnant they weren't trying. But you know if you don't -- protection you're gonna get pregnant. And that didn't happen so they just -- you get pregnant you didn't know -- They just gave birth get a healthy baby girl in Wasilla Alaska. And get this -- named. Yeah yeah after a gun -- parliamentary -- that no. -- -- -- -- -- Johnson baby -- she's named after a gun the -- of -- -- over the moon she was born at 5286. Pounds. Fifteen ounces nineteen inches she -- all in -- -- way to -- -- life. -- -- -- -- Praise -- out there for --

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{"id":17223641,"title":"Heidi Klum Opens up on Break-up with Seal","duration":"3:00","description":"Heidi Klum tells Katie Couric all about her break-up from Seal and her new love interest.","url":"/WNN/video/heidi-klum-opens-break-seal-17223641","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}