Heidi Klum Topless?

The supermodel may be looking to sue over photos of her topless.
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Transcript for Heidi Klum Topless?
Right so I could not changed it. That's -- terrorists get these are brought underwear obviously is an area because thought trail likes likes taken -- -- when she's on vacation check in for years and yes and now she is threatening to sue. Because there of course where some. Pics taken of her topless on a private beach got -- secluded beach. She was with her bodyguard now boyfriend without a bikini top it's bad -- the photos that actually service and several web site. On vacation and she is claiming that -- potentially. Could sue over these topless. Pics she's kind of waiting to see how the Kate Middleton situation unfolds -- to see whether or not she's six. I don't know I guess you know she's she's not a -- sounds a little bit different but I did you get you know you gonna happen out there they're bound to get photo -- and my feeling if you're celebrity. Keep on that you know -- -- unless you're usually don't care is exactly what -- the and that water right. Kato Kaelin the world's most famous -- OJ Simpson's house -- -- it seems he can't get his story straight when it comes to whether or not to. He thinks OJ did it or not according to -- Brian Kato Kaelin is denying reports that he said he definitely knows OJ Simpson killed his wife. So I do ideally is guilty yes but can -- prove it now we told headline news last week. And he also reportedly told another paper the New York Post the statue of limitations is now past so now I can say yes he did it. So apparently he's talking. Coming in hotline -- -- -- he's back checking yes -- I eat yet he says he did he says he didn't and yeah a little bit of the discrepancy. Well and get moving and Fiona Apple she has been out bad bad -- -- she was arrested and released on bond. -- drug possession it's okay yes said that she was adequate and border checkpoint in Texas. She ended her tour bus was pulled over and -- little dog sniff dean who -- are drug sniffing dog that discovered that she had. -- she was -- to the county jail. And -- -- -- -- Mug shot she keeps her eyes closed and had a serious expression on her face and she freely admitted that they belong to her and she's front and on the next day 101000 dollars and yes there she is that someone -- -- death bed -- is actually in the jumpsuit that they gave her imprisonment. I think what is what would you do -- added to your mug shot just -- would you look. To tomorrow's what would you -- I don't let us know -- -- no way to win I'm never even crossed my that I was Frontline every I would never break the law I think -- smile. -- -- Michael -- let's put forward right right Lindsay Lohan arrest the surveillance video apparently supports the -- claim that he wasn't actually hit and run victim I'm I'm reading for the New York Daily News give them credit where credit stiff but that it also seems to say that the edge Jeff might be exaggerating about a little bit. That his injuries might be exaggerated he says. That's. Dylan is that he -- to the side and was quote in so much pain and apparently the video doesn't. Really shown falling after being struck it shows and immediately twirling around in following the -- down the ramp. So yeah it looks like he was hit but yeah you know maybe he's making the most of -- -- -- -- -- she's still operations this. She gets and ST -- -- -- she. And yet another data finds himself in the headlines Colorado to -- scene yeah haven't tryst in the upcoming movie scary movie five and here's pictures -- show you -- it is truly scary they're. Allegedly sleeping together they get off -- -- the list now that. The --

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{"id":17287018,"title":"Heidi Klum Topless?","duration":"3:00","description":"The supermodel may be looking to sue over photos of her topless.","url":"/WNN/video/heidi-klum-topless-17287018","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}