Helpful Tips for Training Your Dogs

Dog training expert Andrea Arden shares her tips for training a new puppy.
4:49 | 09/24/15

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Transcript for Helpful Tips for Training Your Dogs
So maybe you're a dog owner maybe you're thinking about getting one or perhaps your kids. Are thanking you for one will whatever the case may be. There's funny things to consider when you're having a dobbs with your family in here to help us sort it all out. Is Don training expert Andrea artist and her friend Martha. You well how proud it's so great to have you here to tell what's a person you've got to know about. You know I think probably. The thing people people need to consider the most if management that you're number one job is to make sure that you manage your puppy to prevent them from making mistakes because every time you allow them to run loose. The odds are they're gonna make a mistake and that becomes stronger habit. But the other thing that I think is really important is that there are some shortcuts of people can take. To make raising a puppy in your home in dealing with those inevitable accidents easier. Army of accents what text you forget what. Well I think one of the most important things people can do you listen to him I think. If that they can choose again things that are short cuts and one of the shortcuts what I love the most. Is staying master carpet and cushion which is great because it resists stains on it releases pet hair. And it reduces odor which means that the time that you spent cleaning up after pets will be reduced and you have more times to the fun stuff. Like training them and playing all that sort of good stuff that's being MasterCard had never seen that start carpet and pushing its and is there something you should keep in mind to get the most active time. You know I think the people to realize there's two types of playtime for Cox there's the play time that we're interacting with them we're ladies something like. No squeak into and they talk with someone you have them think that. But a lot of the time people. When won't get a dog they forget that it dawned probably has more energy. Animal for release of more energy than they have the time to provide for. So one of the things you can do is make sure that you give your dog what we call environmental enrichment and what we're gonna do with Murphy is we're gonna take a little bit of food half. And we're gonna put in the twilight biffle and close it up. And then if I put this down the ground odds are Murphy's now. Gonna try to push this around to get the food out so he's gonna play with this toy as a way of an enrichment by clinching first and from a what is seen. Does that twin really makes you go go after it yes so he's he's essentially hunting first food. Remember that even though I don't puppy hassles of pretty high energy level and they also have ruled she knew. News that smarts half so this is a way for a dog to be able to play the training games. By themselves if we can't anthrax at that time. And what's the best tips for dealing with behavior it's so hard when an dispute is starting now Murphy come over here in new I think what people to realize is that. When we talk about bad behavior it's typically normal dog behavior it's just an environment where it's not considered acceptable. So for example dog barking that's not rule while I was working with what they do it's just when they do it in your yard during your apartment and -- out of the neighbors are you that's and it's troublesome so again getting back for environmental mutual that's painful full part of preventing behavior problems. But another things that you think positive for worth based training even a couple as young as working I think teaching dissent. I can teach him to lay down I can teaching to do something called hand targeting White House where he touches his nose to the comment my hand at the foundation for colon called. The usual things that are really really cool we'll do. And that all about the dog having fun because they're turning things they want whether he flew for praise for anything else. You and I were talking it was China I think I've got a four year old and a three year old. Wendy is the best if changed how the docket because he wanted to take on some of the responsibility to you're saying you should never really expect kids to do he had no I don't I worry when people say I'm getting old dog for my children can't because really what we need to remember is that. Is that when you get a dog or have children in the home. You're going to always be one is the parent who's really responsible for the dog the children will certainly help but I strongly encourage that. But I think don't write time is typically when you feel confident that your child will show adequate impulse control. Around animals and that means if you save about a you know I don't want you to grab the dog's tail or Murphy's case he doesn't have much detail how I don't I have their fair. That they can really listen to follow through and it's for their safety and also for the safety of such a wonderful tips Andrea our Lola thank you so much pain he. I who come up with a couple of days before OK we're favored and it's taken by the producer I'm the take for more tips and general information go to Andrea Arden dot com tell them you're watching what is now. Lol so they did a great job you did a great job you deserve a treat. But let's average these are the Pope one. So adorable.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Dog training expert Andrea Arden shares her tips for training a new puppy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33999990","title":"Helpful Tips for Training Your Dogs ","url":"/WNN/video/helpful-tips-training-dogs-33999990"}