Hero Monkey

A heroic little monkey revives its companion after it was electrocuted on train tracks.
2:55 | 12/22/14

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Transcript for Hero Monkey
Are we. Come right we have the video that everybody is kind of big on these days. Among key saves as but it does come but set it up let me show you video this is out of India we'll apparently. Okay you seem glucose fix what's up missing one marquee there at one another lucky seems to be out of it. So when he picks his friend up Tulsa in the water and he looked like beat him up pretty good frankly. But what people say did happen nor has happened in this video is that the market it seems out of it. Well let security. And the other one slept around and dostum in the water and tried to wake up his electrocuted but in fact his life. Not a Red Cross approved by the way that not try that in us that is not a political. The health released it fits in when union thing missing here are. Okay I'm we've got out of flipping people love a flash mob and people of the creative wedding proposal so here we have to let the same time. This it's a. Flash mob brain flash dancing in my and check out the envelope in his girlfriend women Kidman and Kelly yeah. Smile. I. Have a good time we'll move. And looking and he hit batsmen in my. Mary you so yeah Manning am very proud of I absolutely do anything you know I had a good idea she would say yes but I was nervous that saved. Patient has say yes that drove us to break. That the candidate like pictures. From start to. And a nice let those are from that video using an awful lot on anything related to Disney lately. Frozen must display the video. But would talk about Elsa right now because apparently over in Great Britain heavily yes. His girls one out of five say when they grow they wanna be office. They consider this a real job they sedate young ladies over that maybe having some kind of detachment. From what they've usual line of work is what one in five girls polled say they would like to be. I was so when they grow up. Exactly and job knows now this couldn't get it. Yes it and you guys I think it's like baton from being you know very Disney character. Elsa herself are moving on. Excited at the video is not a classic we love this is a puppy a couple Opel recognizing its there. Like in the with a very easy having you don't have a lot of background information but 4000 you know today and you can see why vote. I think this is the idea that he can get it isn't the typical Olympic.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"A heroic little monkey revives its companion after it was electrocuted on train tracks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27757962","title":"Hero Monkey","url":"/WNN/video/hero-monkey-27757962"}