High-profile witness at Derek Chauvin trial

The Minneapolis police chief testified that the former officer’s actions violated department policy. ABC News’ Alex Presha reports on the day ahead.
2:34 | 04/06/21

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Transcript for High-profile witness at Derek Chauvin trial
Where are. The most high profile witness so far has taken the stand in the murder trial would do your children the former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George board. Children's ex boss police chief Madeira our Condo testifying which opened did deployed violated the policy in values of the department. It is contrary to our training. Shoot it definitely. Place. Unity. On. Her own hand. Individual. For years. Vehemently disagree. You know supports passage. The chief delivering this blunt assessment of children's conduct business see trained in Minneapolis police department. Defensive tactics technique is not personally agree that. Violates our policy that sentiment echoed by inspector Katie Blackwell the former commander in charge of training for the department. Is this game trained technique that's. By the Minneapolis police department. When you were overseeing training. Is not and how does this differ. I want and a improvised. Position and it's so does not retreat. Under cross examination children's attorney showed the police chief picture's and question whether children's knee was actually on woods' neck the entire time. Would you agree that from the perspective. Officer king's body camera. It appears that officer chauvinist he was more on mr. Floyd's. Cooler. Yes but the prosecution responding saying that was one specific moments when the ambulance had already arrived. The ER Doctor Who pronounced George Ford dead also testified saying he believes the primary reason for points cardiac arrest was lack of oxygen. Not a heart attack or drug overdose even though the powerful old Buick been snow was found in Floyd system. Which are leaving period end for their cause mr. Floyd's cardiac arrest. Oxygen oxygen didn't. That was. One of the more likely possibilities and doctors are another name for. Death by oxygen deficiency. Estates here. Next up this morning a court hearing for Marreese hall. The Meehan seen in the passenger seat of point SUV who allegedly sold point oh wait he's filed paperwork intending to plead the fifth. Hall has filed a motion asking that he not be forced to testify.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"The Minneapolis police chief testified that the former officer’s actions violated department policy. ABC News’ Alex Presha reports on the day ahead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76895375","title":"High-profile witness at Derek Chauvin trial","url":"/WNN/video/high-profile-witness-derek-chauvin-trial-76895375"}