From high school to Harvard in 11 days

Meet the teen who just graduated from high school, and graduates from Harvard next week. He's schooling ABC News' Will Ganss on how he did it.
2:11 | 05/22/19

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Transcript for From high school to Harvard in 11 days
While clearing about another remarkable high school graduate will danced talked to him on that telephone. I've Syria did the telephone call this guy and now I facetime debt yet a little more modern Diaz that just you know feel the anyway. Attractive Loral is set to pick up his. Degree from the Harvard. Just eleven days after graduating high school we spoke of the Kansas teen who is extra curriculars include over achieving and making the rest of us look like slackers. Like most seventeen year old Braxton moral feels good about graduating high school up north pretty Graham started but his grad party is going to be twice the celebration this year because he's getting a degree from Harvard less than two weeks later Audi manage that. Ice very nice. Couple hours. Each day work on. Some of arts curriculum for the past five and a half years Braxton splitting his time from your typical junior high and high school English classes and his favorite from the Harvard curriculum ancient Greek hero on the classic epics and mythology. As you'd expect that's not totally easy for a seventeen year old to manage right. Thank you soar I think it is keeping focused. Actors. Braxton mom and dad so proud but as fellow high schoolers. Work. Now. I aside from that whole Harvard degree thing accidents like most of his peers in chilling video games sports movies but his recipe for success is anything but ordinary. Just visualize success. When asked if this incredible academic as any final words of wisdom to impart here's what Braxton had its day. You don't ask new products air. You put it out as there are no you don't that he liked it right the government needs practice next up is law school to study constitutional law but I told him he could have a career is a comedian it's you know the laughing doesn't work out inspirational speaker he said yet to visualize success even when you're not succeeding at Braxton a drop in jams that you know if he is a Smart when we wish him the best of luck brats that. Matte hair. Spot the hair day in the hands so why we love this guy is don't know and placed a year's watch out for Braxton.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"Meet the teen who just graduated from high school, and graduates from Harvard next week. He's schooling ABC News' Will Ganss on how he did it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"63194193","title":"From high school to Harvard in 11 days","url":"/WNN/video/high-school-harvard-11-days-63194193"}