Highway Heroes Save Pup

A group of bikers stop traffic to rescue a frantic dog running loose in the middle of a busy highway.
2:54 | 03/11/15

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Transcript for Highway Heroes Save Pup
OK time now for the Nextel much as this dog gets rescued by a bunch of bikers it was an incredible scene. Usually associate biker sometimes we've seen not great stories about them in the medium well this is a terrific one. It's a video of this group of bikers they do a good thing they take this dog that's on the loose on a broad. And they create this very between the dog and the incoming traffic tied corralled into an area didn't get off this really busy street. They go when they go and they go and they are finally able to be successful. And the guy actually steps and traffic on the on ramp to slow cars down and you heard the pop away from danger. Getting over a 113. Thousand views on lines gone viral. And it ended. Solutions to homes that we have but I don't think we don't hold. I looked out the can look at production but up. Don't don't I didn't get had a bad experience. So certain that what they went. One of these days. Let's get this video you lie you sit down and you don't see you know at this critical and a video photos audio Carmen. Could it. Visit the Florida sending we don't know little about we do know I think he's doing really the bloodiest drug they didn't David yeah. All the dance a little Xena with a telephone we don't have to be sensitive subject that has gotten used as a muscles didn't. It's really know what airline and airline you know that outfit and an unidentified. Yeah. General and he's got him just pressed. That's Vrabel and there's Vrabel device you can use to help you with insomnia. Better night I would think you should bay that it but it is by these creators who had won four Kathy. It's called scramble sleep. It's the first topical sleep spray and the goal is to sort of reduce yet pleasant effects of insomnia they've raised more than 300000. Dollars on indigo though. And they're getting ready at least 20000 bottles in July you sprayed on about an hour before you go to sleep and it helps. And power up. This really work eighteen of melatonin. Which helps regulate your body's sleep through until me to tickets and yes we'll tell us that he should. Consume gallons but before. After the show. Pregnancy about sleeping too well but that. This is create a bye bye to guide to guys who couldn't take these high energy drinks so they figured out a way to sprayed the hired he drinks others in the slowly release and then at the same numbers the you know what I'll try it I will try anything. But an athletic admitted to us a case the what we should actually that's not a bad idea and conveyed that.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"A group of bikers stop traffic to rescue a frantic dog running loose in the middle of a busy highway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"29548412","title":"Highway Heroes Save Pup","url":"/WNN/video/highway-heroes-save-pup-29548412"}