'Highwire Live' recap

Nik Wallenda and Lijana Wallenda kept their balance on a wire less than an inch wide 25 stories above Times Square. ABC News' Will Ganss has the heart-stopping play-by-play.
2:30 | 06/24/19

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Transcript for 'Highwire Live' recap
And Lori now. A prayer twenties life stories above New York City but it can only on the will lend to define just yet again with a lot harder to get on the wire than I had thought it was going to be starting a quarter a mile apart from one another on opposite ends of Times Square. The brother and sister walking the steel wire less than an inch wide. Only two years after this beautiful nearly ending Leon oval Linda's life. Breaking every bone in her face and several others back her return to the wired nothing short of miraculous. Two times higher Henry Ford times longer than anything she's ever done. I was worried as he mourned Dervis. But what I said is real the fear really is gone. At this moment when nick had to step overly honest that he can continue their high flying walk stopping hearts in Times Square. City that never sleeps falling silent. And after 36 minutes he did it. Even nick himself he's surprised by what surprised him. Maybe the biggest surprises the wire was as stable as it was he and his sister beating the odds returning to the wire in front of a live TV audience. But for the flying Melendez it's where they belong. You're kind of gripped me for a little bit after the accident and it's gone. I was home. Home indeed and guess what a citizen it got back down on the ground he's very talk about his next diet over an active volcano. An incredible. And I as we mentioned just how incredible this is but. What the backs or anyone who saw the special knows that. On the sister early Ottawa Linda she felt policy break all the bones in her body but guys yells that screws and her foot. And her mother hacks you actually like. Shape that issue and like put something with a bandage around her foot that can coming. She would still she could still feel some of it in the air and Tom and also the fact that their patriarch their grandfather in 1978. Died it fell to his death from a high wire in a strung between two buildings in Puerto Rico. The will lend us nick Mullen and his mother actually recreated that walked in PR. Years later so this family obviously the death some amazing stunts this one. It had my heart just. Palms are sweaty watching it again and got a little on the ground that they crossed over each other I meet. People were like we were all just like holding on to strangers we were all in it together you know there in Times Square so much fun being out there and certainly watching big banks.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Nik Wallenda and Lijana Wallenda kept their balance on a wire less than an inch wide 25 stories above Times Square. ABC News' Will Ganss has the heart-stopping play-by-play.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"63903374","title":"'Highwire Live' recap","url":"/WNN/video/highwire-live-recap-63903374"}