Hillary Clinton's 11-Hour Hearing on Benghazi

The presidential candidate was grilled by questions from Republicans on Benghazi.
1:56 | 10/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton's 11-Hour Hearing on Benghazi
Good morning until I met an average an item at the top stories on this Friday October 23. After an eleven hour marathon hearing Hillary Clinton's grilling on that Ghazi finally wrapped up late last night. Mrs. Clinton generally held her ground against the house select committee investigating the deadly 2012. Terrorist attacks that claimed and killed four Americans including US ambassador Chris Stevens. Republicans tried to turn over new information wants Democrats called it political theater. A shocking new report has revealed that at least two who Secret Service officers were found sleeping on the job one of them. At the White House put Homeland Security investigators say it's not entirely their fault. Blaming fatigue from travel and long work hours north Texas is bracing for ten inches of rain getting its first storm in weeks. This was the scene at an RV park in the west. Texas town of rank and with several trailers swept away by the floodwaters. And another frightening scene caught on video this and the Swiss Alps the moment what tiny Tug of war broke out the side of the mountain thundered down help fill it. At the foot of that mountain. Had been evacuated of a worrisome erosion thankfully nobody was injured. And here at home parents are worried about their kids being injured while wearing this cost and it's called the black invisible man. The child dressed head to toe in black is completely invisible in the dark. Concerned parents say the cost and is not safe for trick or treating on Halloween night. Because drivers may not see them some are telling their kids were lighted necklaces. As a safety precaution. Good idea that revealed his greatest work a little collapsed with plastic latex and it would break he would slip out of him gasped. And the days detonated tips and cut on the side but a lot of fun. Deported at any time at abcnews.com. Development everyday diet thinks it would project.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"The presidential candidate was grilled by questions from Republicans on Benghazi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34672261","title":"Hillary Clinton's 11-Hour Hearing on Benghazi","url":"/WNN/video/hillary-clintons-11-hour-hearing-benghazi-34672261"}