Holiday Gifts: The Tablet Edition

ABC News' Tina Trinh helps you through the maze of gadgets this holiday season.
3:50 | 12/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday Gifts: The Tablet Edition
Tablets are the hottest tech items this holiday season but there are dozens now to choose from. So how do you decide which one to -- well ABC news -- contributor -- entry is here this morning. To help us through the manes good morning -- nation and and we do need help because look at all the options have. There's so many options the most popular -- right now is -- Apple's iPad of course yeah a lot of people are thinking about that point it's great because they basically said. Everything you -- about the iPad and shrunken and putting into this much smaller package it's super -- and now you can take it anywhere it's super light. So everything that you love about Apple's regular -- Now in a much more portable for. And at a fraction of the cost. Not all of its 330 dollars and goes up from there so not bad but you. Actually can do way better I don't yeah. Since these two guys right here are probably my top pick for. Best tablet. All around. Modest budget really yeah and they actually happened a way better screen resolution not had any misses the -- -- Noble's -- HD. And this is Google's nexus seven. So both of these tablets you know run on the different operating system if you're open to may be moving away from -- Apple rank and trying out -- these are -- -- tablets. That car -- -- all they do. Everything good tablet would do what about the costs in comparison to the iPad mini 110. That's significant that's significant. Same price for at least one -- nine verses 329 -- its preference you know if you if you're comfortable with apple. In and this is probably going to be something that you would want to think about. You're -- to trying something new -- check out the Barnes & Noble -- Or the next subject -- -- these are larger yeah -- -- went a little bit larger screen. I don't like. Samsung's galaxy note ten point one and the reason why I would displaced because it actually comes with a stylus that -- your holiday best -- Ends this is an amazing sexual -- pilot all over again and you're kind of more comfortable you know maybe taking notes with something in your hand writing. Yes this is a great great point. It can recognize over a thousand different levels at -- Hartmann president of the credit line is you can draw on an as well -- if you're creative -- and you love do ringing and I think just basically taking this a really good pick. Nice experience what amount to these two so people are on the fence about tablets because they're thinking -- really get any work done on it. And if you're thinking I think that day you might when it. Considered the windows eight tablets that are out -- -- to stand silent. -- teens Smart PC. And this is Microsoft's newest surface tablet. Which is great to have this have -- not yet you -- keep track and the best thing about these two guys here is that you have. Microsoft Word excel PowerPoint and everything that you need to actually get work done. For those that want to work and not necessarily play right right and a lot of techies say oh windows eight does it have a lot of absent their App Store that really the killer apps are those. Programs and these guys have option will keep ports that you can use to dock in and a -- Excellent excellent well thanks to ABC tech contributor Tina Trent. For the advice on choosing a tablet and of course for another look at all these products check out our FaceBook page W and and fans. Dot com you're watching world news now.

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{"id":18056439,"title":"Holiday Gifts: The Tablet Edition","duration":"3:50","description":"ABC News' Tina Trinh helps you through the maze of gadgets this holiday season.","url":"/WNN/video/holiday-gifts-tablet-edition-18056439","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}