Holiday toys for your tots

The Toy Insider's Laurie Schacht gives us a look at the best toys for this holiday season.
4:40 | 11/28/17

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Transcript for Holiday toys for your tots
Is this the end to go shopping that don't stress and we've got you covered toy insider mom Laurie Shaq is here with. A list of the hottest holiday toys Laurie we love affair particularly what it's time to start shopping for the holidays. So what can we look for for the kids as well there's so many great toy that we're gonna start something Branyan they hamper Rina. Bring you on Disney June air. The kids love her she isn't vampires is just moved to a new neighborhood she wants to fit in kids is are scared the Indy played sat. So we have lots of fun features for one thing. This is likely get to the first floor and our staircase and that so we can get to the set a lot of hours we have a bookcase of the year that we pulled down to make it to would bet. We have the telescoping tower that grows and settled a portrait and a we have -- arena that she's all into spots on this play house. We'll meet other name that's cute she likes that. He's feeling Mattingly hangar upside down but. Well that is a lot of fun except for the kids to do to recreate some of those scenes I once dated a hotel that looked like that but it does not play. Adam better I expect about naked tape because this is just so clever. So this tape comes in three different sizes. That you can stick to the walls under a shelf under a desk until next fall is simple also lag on tape you want reusable tape to. Putting around elect and now strip building take Legos or any of your little tight rein we can build on the side I have some that ship hanging out under he's cool it is just still fun and creative for the kids yeah. And are you ready I wanted them the biggest trend is likely stress. Involved this is called is a machine machine so be it in little pets the food theme smell them they'll have a delicious little listen to best of all these come in these little surprise packages control it's not that here at unwrapped this when at a time. I'm done the plastic. Wilson of these then tells you don't know what you're gonna get an elderly and get people are going to get a lot of little things accessory it's not it you're gonna get your alma who takes much she. You're gonna get bass. So they're really found it really cute and kids cannot get enough that says did you hear all kinds of fun stashing them yeah selling little. When I look how cute I love the they're adorable I just kind of like keep it could pet cat finally had a. Harry I need when you think and they need to introduce you now to. The letter rulings so the I think Hugh just little things. They have low before any different now in motion animation. That's adorable they respond to touch they respond to know she may like and yet I can't. Qaeda and they're hanging from their yes and no there hadn't lose their eyes close. You can kiss fans and they are Dorr also we have six monkeys there's also a slop and not at unicorn said depending on when you shot. We'll see that there exclusive somewhere the key to going crazy for those are really Eude are really cute at 159 united Tulsa the great thanks. Calico critters these are little critters. That have been around for at and this is the luxury townhouse. You might have a few of the accessories at this over fifty accessories that come with this so kids can millionth a lot of creative playtime but doesn't good when you have like that kid that seems to have almost everything a lot of people wanna get together by the something you my sort of team up and one gets invited us someone else by the accessories and announced by the character your rank and what I love about this also is held beautifully made it is it's one of those things that when your children delegate you're gonna hand that's -- and it does look like that certainly can be kind of an Ireland and that way I never gonna have a little bit of fun I like their parents to pick. Is that I like there is no more go into a laser tag play out when you let this this is called laser excel if we were. All geared up and they wearing a messes like my target this is your target and this is not. Long range plan drip have accuracy up to 400 the if you need you love this is you need us Sheri Sam had nearly out we have 25 sat the you know we have. Feeling you get like yeah yeah. Then you yeah yeah and so we have an interactive voice inside that will talk seemed guy you'd give you can't tell you would tricks to deal to ton of fun. Time has been to travel with but I. So let's. Helping others lamenting for the adults to you can find way more of these toy than our website W and fans that come we'll be right back.

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{"id":51426515,"title":"Holiday toys for your tots","duration":"4:40","description":"The Toy Insider's Laurie Schacht gives us a look at the best toys for this holiday season.","url":"/WNN/video/holiday-toys-tots-51426515","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}