Holiday Tupperware Party

Top-selling Tupperware Lady Aunt Barbara visited the World News Now studio to show off all the best gifts and gadgets for the holiday season!
4:23 | 12/09/15

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Transcript for Holiday Tupperware Party
So you're stressed out still searching for that perfect gift don't worry we have just what you need some practical gifts that everyone can use it of course here to help us out none other. That America's most beloved most prolific. Tupperware lady. Good to see you it's so wonderful day of the year especially with Tristan yes and I am the biggest and you're tough or use every day for lunch lines are. But it Barbara I have to say you are the ultimate Tupperware consultant as we know but nobody quite does this like you so let's kick it up. Let's talk about Christmas let's talk of. That baked goods. Now we have a high keep it didn't help look how big that is that's our lives aren't keeper. You can put pastries in there and they think it's really really won at supersize debt supersize and if you're bringing it to someone's house it's always nice to leave that as again. Here we have our wonderful he look at that. And it holds up to eighteen cupcakes or you flip it over you can hopes when he forum the other side but it held at nine by thirteen sheet cake. For the cup cakes muffins pastries all wonderful and again I only suggest you bring this to someone's out the new break in ways that that angry that I never thought I went nice gift. We'll and of course we have other containers to hold cookies and brownies and all sorts of wonderful things did you think about the holidays you're thinking about all the fat think things are looking. Well I'd here's one classic item from Tupperware look at that that Tupperware jam. That's been Iran have very last. That's just wonderful and I think it makes a lovely gift and donate enough gelatin I've seen it. That's wonderful ha look at this Rina I don't know what's on your Christmas list this year arena but I have to suggests that Tupperware. Microwave. Pressure cooker really are not kidding you. This actually harnesses the tendency of your microwave pressurized is that you can make up popped grossed a man. Thirty minutes and chicken I had chicken. CD all sorts of things I still was twenty to 25 minutes that's fast it's really great because I don't know about you but I stand in front of the crock pot neo hurry. They are get what he is there really very. OK let's move on to the children. Who look at how little our right everywhere and if you've got little ones at how the boy's burial and I hit a judge. I can say one thing get your credit card out and let it go we've. It was. Cool girl at a premium here it really cute little frozen lines that are available now pick that up for that kids. I don't cars classic Tupperware till I. They shaped I would tell why I didn't other top port to I have to tell you this has been around for decades and everyone seems to think that it's. Some other brand don't exist Tupperware. Been around for many many years. Now this teaches the children colors and it teaches them shapes and hand die coordination. It's perfect for children six months to six years or older I'm not here to judge them. But it's a great gift. And you can take the shapes put the ball inside. Top shelf in the dishwasher dishwasher yet sanitized it's clear because the kids about what got her hands and mouths on everything holt. Now here we have look at bands. We are very rigid know the co written sit no action hero no way and miss. Oh yeah. All he needs anything out one Devoe lit back. For the animal to get to they snapped together and it floats to. I hope it floats otherwise we wouldn't be. But aunt Barbara supposed to be two of each went to the states snap together on their all of one million this is you take the car yeah. I'll. Do you need sit. And they snap together and they go right up there how cute is that. Absolutely adorable these are such great idea is so sure Graham not cheered toddler the grandmother to the tablets you're absolutely right where people don't forget that we're here. It'll never let a step in Bryan love it here here. Our ultimate answer. No what does Christmas quite like he would have had a senior blocking actually supposed to give is that nice became back in style to get John Wright I stole that from little red riding her. Well. And it created FB thanks so much. And for more tips had to WN and fans dot com you're watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Top-selling Tupperware Lady Aunt Barbara visited the World News Now studio to show off all the best gifts and gadgets for the holiday season! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35663730","title":"Holiday Tupperware Party","url":"/WNN/video/holiday-tupperware-party-35663730"}