Have a Home Office? Here's What You'll Need

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off some of the cool gadgets needed to have a successful home office.
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Have a Home Office? Here's What You'll Need
The consequences of Marx when he 47 digital lives is that work tends to follow us home which means a lot of us have a home office that has to work for us. What equipment can help joining us now -- Resident gadget expert -- DeBartolo think his -- seen on -- dot TV Dick welcome back. Thank you very money got cut well first of all all all in one computer -- it is a great way to save. Based on your desk so that run a little video of the one -- using its us think center 93 Z so it's -- about this is you get a wireless mouse all wireless keyboard. Built in webcam built in webcam a little shudder -- -- -- Physically close it if you worried about her did you leave and yes it's not a pretty sight yes exactly -- HDMI and now at three point oh USB ports it's a touch screen or not touch screen depending on what you want. And it's thought so little bit on the 800 dollars and goes up from there depending on what should you want to wireless really great -- wireless so everything you just plug in one single cable. And then you have everything -- the dvd reader writers in there there's something called the ultra -- then so that's a great. Space saving thing for your desk lot of okay over here we have something else that's good -- -- death this is a computer monitor the stand to think about that is. You adjusted for your eyes and also having the computer monitor at the right level can help -- posture what's -- about this one from detecting. Is that. There cables in the -- -- plug into the computer. Then it moves for USB ports right to the floor on C not to be reaching back to Aaron yeah yeah especially in other companies and we. Way people use flash drives it's amazing what things don't have yeah exactly and it's also ahead from -- -- -- Mike Jack. Awesome must -- up 35 but this is really need so. If you have a computer system at home you need to protect -- files this is from cyber -- this is one -- there. Smaller models so all of the phone is -- -- we can see it charging. We can -- the phone answering machine like just hold -- up for -- on we're pretending this is a computer. Peace here I'm actually going to hold up this palace strip. And show you that I'm shutting the -- off a moron so the -- light went out everything stayed on in about five seconds you got to hit it it's -- to tell you the power is off what anyone well -- -- -- if -- -- the talent -- lawyer in the middle of a program you just lose everything that's that's not good if you're not home you load the software it will save what's on your computer and then shut it down. That's -- -- Smith follows his another space saving device this is from -- tech. So this little guys and answer machine but it it can answer three different phone lines so if you still have a land line in the land line will ring here. -- -- so hooked up with two different Bluetooth cell phones. We can Havel breathe you're alone wearing black terrier like a madman by then all coming across someone online and it'll suck all the information out of -- cell phones and the style will light up and tell you. Who is calling and from what number they're calling this is on the sixty -- that's a great idea yeah. Finally fronts -- -- we have the ten. Hub port and these -- all USB three point -- which is this new faster connection and in the side is there in nine -- out here you can turn them on and off with these little switches -- side hug here has enough power. To charge and I head so you could actually use this. Like yeah the only -- you just have this near your computer you know that's actually right -- -- affect us or big piece of adhesive like double stick in the in the box. So if you didn't have this and you wanted to put this on the -- a computer you could do it and that they would be. Easy to get -- Some stuff as always our thanks to -- dot TV's Dick DeBartolo you'll find more details about these products are FaceBook page W and and fans dot com.

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{"id":22964833,"title":"Have a Home Office? Here's What You'll Need","duration":"3:00","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off some of the cool gadgets needed to have a successful home office.","url":"/WNN/video/home-office-gadgets-dick-debartolo-22964833","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}