A Homeless Man Gets Reward for Honesty

A Kansas City homeless man returns an engagement ring mistakenly given to him.
1:11 | 02/26/13

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Transcript for A Homeless Man Gets Reward for Honesty
Homeless men now on his -- for years is getting a great new start in life just for being honest that's why this is honor. Favorite story of the day. -- Kansas City -- Billy Ray Harris found a pricey diamond ring in his donation -- turns out Sharon darling had dumped her entire -- person into the cup forgetting -- her engagement currently little little in that hurt. When she went back to race to see if he had he immediately returned the rage that aren't that people are our our as a thank you darlings fiance. Actually set up a web site seeking donations for -- and so far get this. Total strangers have donated more than a 114. -- in. Dollars seeing good deeds sometimes do get rewarded he felt that Don how big a 100000 dollar ring. And they didn't run off to the -- -- trying to sell it or whatever. Give it right back that now has gotten more than the ring -- -- That there's a lesson in that -- smiles on people like that I believe is currently bringing guns for you good for everybody involved on my gosh I can't even imagine losing an engagement. We'll use that money and kind of start -- new life and get back Wednesday let's hope so.

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{"id":18595717,"title":"A Homeless Man Gets Reward for Honesty","duration":"1:11","description":"A Kansas City homeless man returns an engagement ring mistakenly given to him.","url":"/WNN/video/homeless-man-reward-honesty-18595717","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}