Homesick Dog Embarks On a Long Journey to Return to Original Owner

After being moved to another farm, a sheepdog travels 240 miles to return to his owners.
2:53 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Homesick Dog Embarks On a Long Journey to Return to Original Owner
It had now for the mix and I'm a big fan of the movie homeward bound the incredible journey have a Watson a long time. But we have some even better the true version of this story you're looking at farmer Alan James. If I think that it is another Vietnam army either way this story about two farmers. One decides he has this sheep dogs won a fifteen got some of property you find another farmer who he thinks would be a good match so Cain gives this second farmer the dog. Second farmer lives 240. Miles away however. Guess who shows up the farm number one. But he ran back home let's read the dog's name is Taro and pear pair of Maine could not happy with this arrangement that account owners have made and snow. He came back to under forty miles. The farmer and his wife that he showed up seemed well fed and in good health and they assume that he somehow. Got people to sort of take care of him along that way but found his way all the way back home. And damp course decided once they saw him that this must be fate amazing day event in less than two weeks. That's an amazing adventure and we're very happy to have him home with us so they are gonna keep them they're not gonna give try to get. No way back and put him on an island this time now listen I had a trophy right. Terror Aaron home now forget it okay so some of us might text and drive and a lot of people. Text and walk and now there's a town and Bavaria and the south of Germany that has come up with a solution for this take a look at their solution now traffic lights set fault people. Little round texting and giving how and it's legal. First safe and free to walk it's there in the ground and it tells you for tram was coming so turns well look first wave. Both ways you don't have to look I don't have a that are just there's just keep looking down keep texting. I will say I did have a man once who was walking with his son yet directly behind him indirectly by behind his son with me we're all walking on the sidewalk and a man with texting and didn't pay attention. Grabbed my hand particularly well and it a good good. And I just looked back at his understanding shrug their shoulders and followed behind Wi all the way across the street before you realize you sold in the wrong person that is of despicable move ever got up at bat. Very smooth very smooth and the mittens more for the ladies day. Ever gotten a summer anyone of gonna keep her broken toe shoes are realize you're really could use a pedicure well. A Japanese fashion company. They've found a solution for that what you're looking is actual stock gains that are automatic. Manicured. They're designed to fit over each individual tell and they give you an immediate picture you can pick from all sorts of designs and patterns even get himself for French manicured avenue lisle can. Even hello game I don't even know if that's true but I'm that's. Hello kitty as well that's kind of if you look at the camp but not to wait for to drive and don't you hate that when you have to say oh my god be the dryer the so knowing they're.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"After being moved to another farm, a sheepdog travels 240 miles to return to his owners.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38698838","title":"Homesick Dog Embarks On a Long Journey to Return to Original Owner","url":"/WNN/video/homesick-dog-embarks-long-journey-return-original-owner-38698838"}