Horse Meat in Burgers?

Burger King drops an Irish beef distributor after some meat tests positive for horse meat.
2:55 | 01/24/13

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Transcript for Horse Meat in Burgers?
Don't -- insignificant none of them were added. -- -- -- -- -- Exclusion -- saying yeah nothing's better than -- -- Yeah yeah. -- in the same catch I don't know FaceBook whose singing category you don't do you think admiral no way both should live -- You go first yeah. Well Burger King I mean you like to say that there this horse meat in in -- who could not hate white castle. White castles is pure high everywhere in the king has dropped some burgers from an Irish firm. That they they sourced food from because it's linked to force me yeah. -- -- -- VP food. They could tell students who -- Monahan who insist there's no evidence its products for Burger King have been contaminated but apparently there were some test done. A total of 27 Berger products were analyzed ten of them contained traces of -- DNA. -- shocked by that new. When you -- -- a white castle headed your way you. A man. -- -- -- -- -- This move Montreal the Irish had to have strong -- they they they can hold their liquor here but there has done little to far -- count. -- -- Kerry council and southwest Ireland passed the measure Monday then allows rural drivers. To legally drive while under the influence of alcohol the council voted 53 to issue special permits individuals. Who live in rural areas -- which -- -- on remote island countries aren't roads after consuming two or three alcoholic. -- -- OK so basic legalizing it's not -- driving in parts -- in rural Ireland. That's great idea. We hit about -- top of the renteria. I love this next story. Of course the First Lady the girls -- some of some of their clothing I Wear a lot of their clothing on -- Jenna -- is their 44 year old creative director. And apparently she suffers from a genetic disorder called block Sulzberger syndrome and it causes skin scarring and -- a pair of malformed TPC. That that sort of I think him and this is it up actual picture of of Jenna Lyons. I met her recently. And she was so gracious so incredible and beautiful and so she says she knows what it feels like. Not to be beautiful and she's she's sort of this this person is now out there representing the ugly duckling so to speak turning into -- -- and I just as well. Donald. Alliance well that she's -- really wonderful person -- with a cheap land a mother gets drunk and gets stuck in her son's high chair the picture says it -- Heading -- a -- always -- to stop drinking and.

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{"id":18300302,"title":"Horse Meat in Burgers?","duration":"2:55","description":"Burger King drops an Irish beef distributor after some meat tests positive for horse meat.","url":"/WNN/video/horse-meat-burgers-18300302","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}