Horse Predicts Team USA Victory

A horse in Germany has predicted an American victory in the World Cup.
2:54 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for Horse Predicts Team USA Victory
-- And now it's time for the next -- little about sporting events are these. -- paths with animals as to who will be the winner and so there's a horse. In Germany that a woman keeps insider hope there's a horrible storms to decide to keep the force inside their home. And a local newspaper came and asked this forced to decide when. Germany or will only US win he picked up follow it. Do you want to cool. So according to -- the horse in Germany then he -- -- got to sleep tonight. So. I'm very excited that the US went. Hundreds get -- addiction yet we're after Britain over the US absolutely might be -- -- Scott may -- yeah. Yeah for the -- but at the happy about that commitment at the German marks that we'll have a report Graham global we have a German -- -- If are I would say about this great story out of Merrill and it is a nine year old boy who raised money. To save ten dogs from a kill -- -- really I mean I'll name is even cats. He chose to design. And sell T shirts to raise money for nonprofit group that rescues dogs who -- shelters he raised over 2000. -- look at ballots have saved. He gets up more than 400 dollars almost 500 dollars in donations really remarkable -- that's one -- the -- I think -- -- That is a great cause what a great -- a lot of kids stepping up the plane had just -- Yeah especially with animals that people kinda tend to forget about again. Now speaking of stepping up to the plate the White House seems to have a spell check problem this was pretty significant on -- to be. Figure they sent out I missed all the world to -- word Ronald Reagan it's just not once but twice its that there aren't EG and remember -- RE. -- GA added. So what happened twice on the president's schedule for the next day and later in the evening they corrected it but people kind of caught up -- -- it and it's become somewhat of a problem actions and serious recently they accident. Late -- the CIA station chief in Afghanistan in one of those. Emails which created the fixed -- he's pretty much the top spot -- top spy in Afghanistan so. -- -- platoon legitimate of an issue there. And so looks like they might need from exercise. No doubt about it all right so a lot more people have been visiting the national Corvette museum -- yeah. Yes and that is this is after eight prized sports cars fell into a single member of my life the museum has gone out of its way to make good bad situation good and so they've they've been struggling for years to keep their doors -- -- an insult but now people we're going to see the cars in -- -- -- -- -- -- damages video. -- -- from the museum. And they're making money off of -- -- attendance is up nearly sixty flight -- from march. -- they -- and cold related shirts postcards off kind of think well it sounds like double attraction. That's an academic tracking stick with that we'll be right back up again.

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{"id":24311831,"title":"Horse Predicts Team USA Victory","duration":"2:54","description":"A horse in Germany has predicted an American victory in the World Cup.","url":"/WNN/video/horse-predicts-team-usa-victory-24311831","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}