Hot holiday toys

Toy Insider’s Ali Mierzejewski shows us what toys kids are hoping to get this holiday season.
4:04 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for Hot holiday toys
The number of shopping days until Christmas is quickly winding down in this morning were focusing on. Gift ideas for the kids joining us with this year's hottest college boy this toy insider editor in chief polymer just keep Allie good morning welcome back to only now. Thank you for yeah let me my favorite topic here repeatedly lied about four. We used to playing. With what we got here let's setup with yard abuse of crafts are great gifts for kids because they get an activity to do with and they have this nice finished piece of the end who so yeah it is coloring with yarn so kids will just take that pen and they'll actually just color -- a they're using a cram onto the Griffin's sticky our board. And the art you the yarn will stick however they put this whole thing didn't act the law -- go along there so let me call a horrible job with. Plus don't easier if you mess up you just pull the accident got out of the pen and it and cleans up at the start all over and good for perfection and I got us out of the can love it. Next up we have bowling which is perfect if you need a little extra glam in your linger so Blaine here's this little tool that you put these jam circles and you can pick college different colors and shapes. And then you just put something like your hair inside of it. And closed down. And you can and glam out your OK then you just should. Colleague tried. Yeah. Brian Blair blamed February neither do this that I can get your suit jacket and you can beyond really doubt that of that too expensive yet. I'm sure I'll let that outfits my being there only adds to its value. As the next up we have this r.s this big lawyer right here this right here the kid. And have a young man and have the right now I will grant you I guess is currently poses the hot wheels monster truck RC big thing. The man turn and I'm. It drives scored in background just like a regular I have seen here roar and yet but then it's also that this really. And then. Kids can drive it around of these helical subjected to months of Texas got I gotta play without them later yeah what else we got here that right. Ready to melt down ready to meltdowns this is a really fun strategy game right the balancing game you put the slimy Peggy underneath of our tray right here and you try to stack these two Q deal rolled the dice who have that's how many cubes you have to stacked on top. But since there's that sign underneath it it's off balance if they follow off those cues are now mine in the first one to run out of cubes wins. You know every accounting gain a good counting game that's a good ruler king yeah yeah. So this right here almond ninety's here reality. I am serious I love the teenage mutant ninja turtles the new show rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles and dining we have these babble heads this is motor mouth Nike. So you turn them on and they just start chatting away they have different sound effect. Values could. Yeah all right. I'd love it live real sad seeing each other. And they'll also what if they're in a battle and one gets hit the make those sound effects as well that's the goodwill ambassador what else we got out one last thing for you so the cal Perry got the magic got off the remaining hair sat Uliano. Bail. Get. We of Earth's best of your worldly man. They got I'm. There I guess so this is the calico critters red roof cottage right so this is hopeful. Mann act as a full that that comes with all of these things are committed to calico critters have been a couple extra friends and here's that they wouldn't be so lonely he couldn't from the all the accessories means that it's on it in such an opening close ups you can store it. Animals with you getting Syria to name them since. Head out here. Yeah today. Jack down here OK perfect and then hustle connects all of the other calico critters that he condone the whole village this is so cool so many great toy ideas what's your favorite way. What's my favorites OK I like that playing like they are again when you're OK I love that. Eleven that was fair comment here obviously the minute try the big check a truck hit a temporary leave and other hot holiday toy ideas checked out but toy insider dot com. Our own website oral wants it to be in advance back compo insider editor in chief Alan we're just thinks we're joined now we really appreciate it happy shopping everyone.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Toy Insider’s Ali Mierzejewski shows us what toys kids are hoping to get this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67431608","title":"Hot holiday toys","url":"/WNN/video/hot-holiday-toys-67431608"}