A Hot Time at the White House

The president and first lady hosted a post-inaugural ball party that didn't end until 3 a.m.
3:13 | 01/23/13

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Transcript for A Hot Time at the White House
That was that -- out puberty struck written I happen Willis Hewitt had a good titles like everybody we had a good time at this. Polish. But inaugural ball party at the white house with the ticket that could think it's -- I'm sure a lot of celebs not a big donors came out things and didn't apparently until three any and Barack. I think our president the First Lady were party hard take a look at some of these. Pictures that came out others the president -- Swiss beats the artist who -- -- -- -- -- Then on top of that Steve -- Michelle Obama is still -- Jason -- red dress there are criminals are that's right next to India but -- who's the daughter of Eric Benet who -- and she performs at the heart Israel. As Atlanta's other picture here you see Katy Perry and John -- looking. But. Let them that they haven't -- good side let's act but they look at that apparently Michelle models dance in the realities being hit single -- and I'll get this they say there was report of the party that usher and the president got into a Duncan's style that's all. But still no reports of who actually how about how we have pictures or video -- that -- it was very good wishes and Brooklyn Katy Perry tweeted just left the White House all the parties from here on out will be judged ballistic take place in the White House. And then also on top of that we Kelly closing. And before the inauguration -- just part of -- the white -- -- -- not Michelle Obama stood up and got the party started seriously cold First -- they have a good time -- -- did I'm jealous -- -- well check this out. Many novels boy bands signing day and who who didn't love them New Kids On The Block Boyz II Men. 98 degrees. All going on -- cool -- Yes they're all going on tour. The package tours scheduled to kick off may 31 then it -- -- kids. Instead travel across the country and resting July 13 in Minneapolis rent boys demands. How much alive I would do -- -- concert and I go. I would go to that we should go to capitol I had a very very -- pivotal moment in my life when boys levels it was on the tape -- I can't get out now. I'm still out now. Who have been everyone shares the office in November of ninety not gonna have noticed he -- and loving time right calf also -- -- Schwarzenegger back in the news he's giving another interviewed after the media saying he's trying to save his marriage to Maria Shriver despite you know and maybe should've thought about that when -- you -- having an affair with him with to have you here yet they -- she was clean and it's okay. City he said he is trying to didn't you know patch things up and they filed for divorce she did back in 2011 but he says he's still working -- try to perhaps he's the marriage back together. I believe that when -- -- -- And finally -- and at least Shakira and her boyfriend welcome a baby boy. Congratulations they name's -- -- meeting on. NASA should does that then mean love -- -- -- --

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{"id":18290624,"title":"A Hot Time at the White House","duration":"3:13","description":"The president and first lady hosted a post-inaugural ball party that didn't end until 3 a.m.","url":"/WNN/video/hot-time-white-house-18290624","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}