Hottest Holiday Toys With Laurie Schacht

"Toy Insider Mom" Laurie Schacht shows us the best toys for this holiday season.
4:32 | 11/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hottest Holiday Toys With Laurie Schacht
So. Good inside the room downtown and he's -- -- play -- soon -- Welcome back children roll around the world a busy making their lists to Santa and moms and dads hit the stores in hopes of getting. Just the right to -- so which toys are the hottest this year let's find out our toy insider mom -- -- is here to show what's pylori. It's been sitting here and there are so many great choices here -- I but -- handful of my favorite. We're gonna start with everyone's favorite snack in town -- staff and fixed Athens act mixed and this is -- get better check at center -- some tactics is all of the broken toys -- town now kids can pretend better than to ask. They have all the tools they need. There's an X ray machine. Welcome little blues. And -- coming -- comes under different land meet him and of course those little things yet sticking -- -- Mirren and then getting out of that total rate -- rate pretend terroristic. We let our kids being active in moving and great this also grow with me twice in this white -- it's at the Green Line I absolutely starter -- little and -- -- sitting on -- and -- assuming this go on Labor -- right when they get a little bit -- we take this standoff the first -- this three wheels -- it -- to balance. And finally. We think handlebars. We have a real need to -- method but this kid just go to. It's also in mind that I -- and it is going to be a president less -- -- in -- -- kids grow fast yes another night -- -- did that movie claims this is dusty -- conference this. The coolest radio control going to Wear the wings -- the when you're going to river lane showed me now -- -- -- and had a hand pat pat pat pat. Gotta love -- -- -- -- -- -- cell began in the spirit lake like -- for -- little bit that you're gonna see your hand they now meaning it's able. Yeah. We will more liquid. -- Really comes. Atlanta me at the Bethlehem home at night not tomorrow. Mary that she -- riding around with and so we'll keep an active -- awesome and -- Princess is they have a lot animals but they never had -- their opponents on the crown princess pets Disney princess palace cat so what. Exit Maria can't hazard around like this is pumpkin percent to against innocent -- -- And I am so we -- -- plus we have little lines and we even have little talking ones. The engines plays and it's definitely had a very cute and I'm despicable me the movie then -- and -- and -- they hit. Impulsive really funny. It does we yeah. -- -- little and the military. And I just minding minding your apartment. Expect that there can. -- and he -- his new video game. Com and is pretty cool so we have characters right -- and Pixar to this Sallyann might well meet a man on the infinity base which is connected -- TV they jump into the video game we go to the world must put the minor things connected to TV and then -- suddenly confident about it. An English on the kids are playing in the world but here it's really cool it created a -- point this -- -- knocks him out. Now kids could take maybe Sally and maybe Jack Sparrow in pirates of the Caribbean. They can be playing in the two point backs together -- to build the world to really cool that is so great and -- -- really great and then of course you know who this guy an album. Never goes out of style they cut alma okay -- not me hives Alma Powell in a -- about the I McGraw and that cannot -- softer than the older people now moment. So dragged it is what need to dial plus and he left. He down my -- in -- he -- city upside down. -- -- It was that helped -- -- ten. We'll put this week -- provided -- -- the saying. Nice. The only Elmo could make the kids sleep sometimes -- -- well hopefully -- yes. -- oral winners thank you so much you posted a list of these to a dark basement -- W advance dot com breaks that children. And yeah. You know it's soon -- -- a it's.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"\"Toy Insider Mom\" Laurie Schacht shows us the best toys for this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"20935634","title":"Hottest Holiday Toys With Laurie Schacht","url":"/WNN/video/hottest-holiday-toys-laurie-schacht-20935634"}