The Hottest Summer Toys

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht has the newest toys to keep kids occupied throughout the summer.
4:12 | 06/10/15

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All right now that the kids are out of school in many places around the country and some are going to be out of school very soon for some are. China keep them occupied hit the victim become a tough so we've. Got someone here to help us make the some are fun help us. How could make it through the soft. Our toy insider look expected. At pillow as always it always got distilled what yes the kids we can occupy. Sun is shining they aren't as O'Donnell with schoolwork it's time to place I've read that in my favorite toys produced that would my favorite girl all right are you can either one of my dad that we grew up together at. At beautifully at this way is the Bart beat bubble mermaid so like he would take this Barbie and just like me because we didn't see is that. This her tea Allen is actually. The minds of the bubble on turning to help play and and I want you to pull on the strength while. Oh we have to her and Bob ball okay look I think what it says that I got that through their diet that's okay Raines favorite as well there yeah. Then and Exel is far budding female ends any air because it is OK so this really cool it's by a company called educational insights. And this is our designed engine rail. Flat work power studio we have the vaults and we have our kid friendly. Sure L Owens had I had you can drill this stand. Then again this is what when I first came in here until this yeah that women. Either Howard tool he looks like is designed for a little girl yes kid friendly average is four girl. It reinforces those standing I'm. That's so important because it's summertime doesn't mean we don't want our kids learn right and readiness extent all right this is the grass headed by same thing has not us so it comes just medium. Grass seats. And this stacking that you put open X we've built our guy we make our base and we cook Justin and we keep this filled with water so this is always wet. And what happens is the grass crowds and this Kindle this is Ludlum onetime well yeah that's why I think commodities do cut his parents got a brown read that Canada did martyr in the bottom right yeah so well Barbara one day like this. Federal and sell. On its great art radio control cars RC are all around me know and we're going to talk about and they still rock trial brawler three X outlook that the general reasoning admitted series name for a serious amount of control car. We have beaten wheels okay. Four wheel drive eight kids can drive this at the same time. We wouldn't look at that if there is no obstacle in the backyard that this thing it's been building all for it goes over everything from Derek knows who not. Every and it's it was my favorite in the trial's in its could be playing at the same time and you can run at a distance of a 164. Feet Aaron. Re presenting bankrupt you know remember Lucy woods we go to that. All you want to bring toys but you know you don't wanna bring a lot of heavy stuff they want something that everyone complaint and yes this is the flat ball noticed it started out as a round ball Kelly did was push it down okay. I could not conceal it any time but what happens is it ray instantly pops up just like you saw. So when I fairly TU sometimes it's a desk. And sometimes it's a belated it does it only its own mind I'd like also timing can't timing this don't you got it off to you just toss it and we have different colors in neon and calendars and different sizes seeing eye to what might have a thing and it's great we did not get to this we got to get to that this is awesome we know they can't let aggressors we know that they love to build. This is the tape forced building blast this is bike next. Kids build these blasters didn't do they killed it completed 140 pieces and their when he asked can't. Kim every little piece is built but no Lil. It's got a locking system and really blow it out come locked loaded both of us with averages also dart ringel writes for the camera. I had a blast building and I had last blasting it to the fact that Obama. Mason on any of these toys you know our lady yeah. It was an outsider or insider mom dot com as well as our website W in fans that come. Thank you as always come please please have the global warming I gotta say go. Look exact thank you as always you watching world news now hold.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht has the newest toys to keep kids occupied throughout the summer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31657444","title":"The Hottest Summer Toys","url":"/WNN/video/hottest-summer-toys-31657444"}