The Hottest Toys for the Holidays

"Toy Insider Mom" Laurie Schacht shares her favorite toys for this holiday season.
4:23 | 11/18/14

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Transcript for The Hottest Toys for the Holidays
Get got that chill in the air Halloween pumpkins long gone finally. Can only mean one thing kids' biggest mall already compiling their Christmas wish list so what are they really hoping to see this year under the tree. World news now cost mom stuck inside her mom toy inside Ramon large shaggy dog is now at this year's hot holiday toys hello to you it's always got some good easier once again. And you know what. There is something for every girl and boy okay all ages there's so many great toys and let something for a little ones. So this is or twilight Noah's Ark so whether it's eighties toddlers little kids who may have some trouble sleeping did a wonderful way to Suzanne we get a hold starry night. On the ceiling and her little walls it's beautiful and when I also love is that it comes of these little finger up and all right so what we're getting ready to bad to great way to tell little bedtime stories brave and they didn't tell the U into the room and they aren't. I love that it's make believe fun hour. Good brain toys so Chichi chamber what I love about this company is everything made in the USA and it's all made of re cycle milk cartons so very very cool. Great little chick chick trainee comes apart also easy travel width which is important over the holidays former president. That one thing what do you recommend changes to those two. Does this is zero an app and it's chilling out look at our tank. Irate and everybody at the naming him in guys said oh yeah we know he and this is our firemen from despicable to businesspeople are making news now we can sleep Kelly. Can't. Oh yeah. Yeah stipulated that Google and didn't break since the Pokemon yellow corn how great we're not done. Still popular and in the most famous spoken on of course is no and he kitchen we can play with on the table. I'm on the floor but this is that already he could she when he really liked Rudy on your shoulder parents out. I already he's gonna protect you now. Yeah. It is that this is a harness. Visit the art is an exit you can strap that thing on what you know avenue on into the locker ran an alcohol out of that would aid retirement then I'm. Like for an up to Connecticut I parent so. Don't get scared he's really not that ferocious this is our dinosaurs this is humor he really cool help balance. He's got sensors and his front. He's got sent. In this tale I can make an angry when I polish yeah. Don't think user remote control and tell him so this is interactive so this kick in at. A lot of Huntington bank. Tony look skate park's up for a Tony Hawk. Fans who love escape port sick and allowed this to let the EU peace isn't skate park you can build the ultimate skate park and a walk integrate checks. You can you fix the way kids are used to own acts. We can do tricks could now we have a remote control so Troy north. And and is expands you can make that man again anything picket when a data are as good to last a minute. He's not the right Ali and so I DY. Designing around huge trend as he also great for that between hard to find some time. Sell this is our it's my day is it to T shirt maker vintage T shirt maker soup kitchen making the T shirt. Everything that they need this cancels on the paints that the markers. What is being naked in it also comes with everything he needs to do business well known business cards receipt of look at the heading out of materials. Chad so girls really get into that two parents spirit. And they become their very young park's sheep eat out of my company last one in this school Barry outlook this this is our higher tech it's aren't their storm so we have our ally have most. We have our act as they don't want 240. By Eaton and they go they whistled through the there they are tough to find a ready answer right handed. It's theater. But yeah. Yeah what agent Doug by the neck and this is the classic you gonna put child too yeah now there's a soft accomplished this is great into out of outdoor toy and it's great for day and night because of my life to start toys in my aunt Laurie Jack thank you as always you can find detailed information on the tour she just showed us on offense like. Debian and bands that come to a watching world news now.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"\"Toy Insider Mom\" Laurie Schacht shares her favorite toys for this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26990941","title":"The Hottest Toys for the Holidays","url":"/WNN/video/hottest-toys-holidays-26990941"}