Hottest trends at the 2017 toy fair

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo tests out some of the hottest toys and gadgets and generally has more fun than an 8-year-old at the American International Toy Fair!
4:54 | 02/28/17

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Transcript for Hottest trends at the 2017 toy fair
I'm currently Susan Jane. All games exist and that Al to realize there is doing. Britney Spears whose I did it again at the incentive. I don't know if the cancer had that Palin yeah. And last night game at K Natick. So well quite a plane had done with and isn't. Is talking about gaining say there are putting into your heart there we're taking a special look. At the cool and crazy new high tech toys coming out this year so each year on this time our guard is ways. Dick DeBartolo according to Wiki is certainly one years old but he turns into an eight your all of it because of the toy fair. A. Toy fair what can you say about toy for its employees its. Now it's toys it's a lot of fun we're gonna find out the trend. 2017. Toy fair and Adrian here is going to help us by doing that. He had never seen a lot of and transit issues out herded they gold caught this is a notch above that this. This is a small ball. Here's a wide right connection to the spirit can remotely supervise. Their kids described in the turnaround using their global. I think she's going about seven or eight miles how fast could go maximum speed is twelve miles an hour with the spirit is Akeelah noted that he dial it down. You can also stop the bird immediately after hitting theaters Syria because his GPS and the power. We can define it she opened support will not allow outside. For him. OK can you pick me up with five. Showing not been making piano for a 140 years this year toys they have an entire digital line. So if you want to learn how to play pianists get your favorite at Ohio astle android and so now I will play. Rhapsody in oh there is no time well you're lucky. Let's go on. They're seeing a lot of where balls Newsday a lot of coding and robots. There are tons a drones but we've done drones for ever thought looking for different things like weird bugs look at this year. That is yeah. This is a tomorrow. This isn't around this isn't around forest as a team have creature inspired drown each have a different feature the angler attacks and here he lights that. Mars he actually morsel drag on the ground takeoff and fly read up into the sky. Well you know you learn something at every toy fair and how old Ohio. I think I think. That I've got to get out of here yeah. My educational ties they're really. That wow moment thank you to have so much fun playmate entertainment of their learning. The amazing toys well why is it be amazing I'm gonna show you Steve it's like. You bring fill these chemicals last year lie and I lived here I was frozen for two weeks it was. So that we have now cheering only that liquid here Sox. This now it was time. Wrong don't yeah hungry yeah. Yeah her bedroom door again it's only slightly toxic by and just. Unparalleled. Glen haven here. William. Here's your movies out movies are always hot like things big part of the industry it's funny seventeen prominence in the game really a blockbuster year for movie toys. You know gonna walk right by -- modest puppets we end with them every year and I thought. I feel. It's okay. I guess we have to all look at you collectible Disney character is recreated from 1939. How is it going. Yeah. All those classics my fat people had his kids sometimes they're back. Al yeah three as any generation. Hey you know the gateways loves trains loans Bluetooth will Lionel now has Bluetooth trains look at this. You can control it with your Smartphone. So we have a throttle we have the whistle now if they had a Bluetooth subway train I would like. This is left to right there we'll see you next only do little inside. Why let's do that. Covered a lot of ground very fun assignment yeah he up and that's. We are celebrating Mardi Gras now do you like the behind only got to do you from one.

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{"id":45797815,"title":"Hottest trends at the 2017 toy fair","duration":"4:54","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo tests out some of the hottest toys and gadgets and generally has more fun than an 8-year-old at the American International Toy Fair!","url":"/WNN/video/hottest-trends-2017-toy-fair-45797815","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}