Hugh Hefner Gets Married at 86

Playboy founder weds Crystal Harris after she bailed on marriage plans in 2011.
4:48 | 01/02/13

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Transcript for Hugh Hefner Gets Married at 86
Skinny is in the house and it's a story that -- every man will appreciate but at least it gives me a little -- Create a map of the greatest actress Mia tip -- -- He has 86 years old isn't. Married to his fiancee 26 year old crystal Harris they got married is. -- New Year's Eve and -- ceremony. He's doing his thing but it's creepy -- -- -- -- year age difference. How old are you wealth what was. Zero to do your things like Seattle updates on the thumbs -- a little like -- -- six. Sears all your wife is just -- basically. Does not ever -- him. But instead of adding that 300 guests blow out that they plan back in 2011 and she pulled the plug -- and negotiate cold feet -- -- they had about two dozen guests. To keep tweeting -- till I'm married on New Year's -- in the mansion with -- is my best man I love that girl she actually changed her name on Twitter to crystal -- and she explain a little bit about. You have to -- reconciled in -- YE they got back together she says -- moved into the mansion when I was really young I was 21 -- 22 I needed to explore and take the time away it made -- realize. That where I'm meant to be is here with passed since her first marriage his third what we're -- -- The marriage or -- -- It can't yeah yeah I was under the -- -- to -- the would love that what's called back. Not at all I'm not a US what can you do it 86 years old Hamas and music -- -- and Willis is one. -- -- This one Adam Lambert -- Le -- the movie. Lot of people know so others will be really like what they saw that lousy and that's when her out of money for my American Idol fan basically saying that he was not impressed with. A lot of the singing and now some of this week's basically say that to me -- it's an opera Hollywood's movie musicals treat the singing -- the last priority. What Austin east station visually impressive -- great emotional performances but the -- suffered massively with great actors pretending. To be singers. What -- -- great center. But what I've heard from -- -- Boxing is one of the things that made this -- is the fact that these singers more like Linux professionals that is sort at a real quality and then that a lot of viewers life itself. And -- Adam wasn't impressed apparently wasn't impressed but he said the united -- is is that I don't mean to be extremely negative but he's thinking I grew up this musical so my expectations are quite and I and -- season has not banks have a taste cut from that I'm -- for the outrage. View or the average fan it goes to see it as we appreciate it because we know that. That you know Hugh Jackman and and it had to escape -- you know that -- their locals. Russell Crowe in this and dozens I was and that's what -- news every night and how we sounded but that's immediate Russell -- saying anywhere near around. -- -- -- -- -- -- This will go see it not just yet but not together not an antibody binding Doubleday got promoted to something -- -- campus. Pocket Cellini that has put an end to order she's -- her tour later this week -- -- January. 11 then Vancouver. And she can hit a pretty big cities but she's also -- to offer -- a free health counseling and mental health care because he says she's just a big advocate deadly anti bullying and there's the -- -- just born to be brave. They'll be free. They'll be food and games it's access to professional private or group chats about mental health depression bullying school. And friend she says I feel like most kids don't look for help because they feel embarrassed so. They're going to break the statements around how and make it five inches is going to be -- -- and experience for her monsters to unite. Again her -- -- begins January 11 but the born this way of mall tour. And that's the born brave bus that you just -- the Bourne Bridge long -- -- Rihanna and Chris Brown. Controversial short. They woke up in new -- together and surprised they let everybody on doctor small trustees. Remaining low key but they could pass up the opportunity did southerly inform everyone that they were together lap traffic -- the accident 2 weeks good morning to -- out of still haven't slept -- well. And she had a picture of -- Well -- dot com and that's the key piece of evidence at pocono what I think he's not just broke up comfort on the amount by which the -- -- -- that. Chris Brown. -- -- tweet from. -- -- -- Just mornings I could sell at the end of two and two together and figure out that it's the same comfort. -- -- -- -- -- -- And another tattoo for Justin Bieber makes -- he debuted a new. -- dead that his newest art work it's on his left leg and its -- situated next to a massive set. Bob Crane handset number nine for the beats.

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{"id":18113106,"title":"Hugh Hefner Gets Married at 86","duration":"4:48","description":"Playboy founder weds Crystal Harris after she bailed on marriage plans in 2011.","url":"/WNN/video/hugh-hefner-married-86-18113106","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}