'Hunger Games': Review

Jayce Henderson reviews the film based on the bestselling novel.
2:55 | 03/26/12

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Transcript for 'Hunger Games': Review
All right finally this half hour insomniac theater and as -- -- -- in the box office can really be summed up in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you good morning good to -- until. Well I actually was just -- line -- reading a lot of the other reviews from other critics out there one person said it perfectly that this movie is pretty much like gladiator meets Project Runway. And I habits and I haven't read any of your books so seeing this story. Unfold on screen was very jarring for mean just because of the violence in the fact that young kids and teenagers. Are slaughtering each other in this film. And I think the most important. That society today is very fascinated reality television. And it may not come -- that many people was a surprise that main characters in today's reality TV shows are coached to be a certain way. And to act and -- to. -- track like ability and audiences love to see people and painful situations. So the question really is how much time. Will there be before reality TV is taken to a terrible went. And Suzanne Collins he wrote -- scifi trilogy found the inspiration by writing his books because of channel flipping and she went from. Seeing a reality show its -- -- holders in the Iraq War. And so she did this on purpose to really shocked people -- -- really get people to truly think about the world that we're creating take a listen to -- actions. Character development -- -- understanding the relationship between the and it's it would it would be great during. This summer mornings in the. Late ice island could go back. Content -- in. So very ago we should all -- -- of the hunger games. But here's a surprise I gave this film just three and a half stars just because -- really think that they should have been more careful about promoting. Who should be things found so I took away for you a little that the federal yes because I feel that young children and young teenagers he might not understand this is this car -- -- the -- is this putting out there. They're just gonna be seen young kids fighting other young kids and I could be dangerous would you goes as far as to say maybe there should be an. Yeah yeah. If it's really. Thanks very.

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{"id":16002599,"title":"'Hunger Games': Review","duration":"2:55","description":"Jayce Henderson reviews the film based on the bestselling novel.","url":"/WNN/video/hunger-games-movie-review-16002599","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}