'Hunger Games' Sequel Already Selling Out

Not due out until November, "Catching Fire" tickets went on sale online on Oct. 1.
3:06 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for 'Hunger Games' Sequel Already Selling Out
-- -- IE did not know this the hundred -- sequel coming out called catching fire my -- -- is all about I'm sure. So this it doesn't matter until November 20 seconds we have a good -- two months each month and a half before -- this thing is -- gonna pop up anywhere. Well already tickets went on sale on October 1 and they are already selling out on both -- and -- And movie tickets dot com. But in general aren't as tetanus once again and -- immensely popular movie the first time around and I. It's been just as popular -- second time -- Miley Cyrus is a documentary coming out so. All things -- called Miley the movement it's a one hour documentary is gonna premiere on MTV isn't on Wednesday at 10 o'clock. And he followed Miley -- for four months -- up to the MTV music awards the infamous music awards she prepares to release another album about the interviewed between year old star. Tries to define what she called transitional period -- which calls the move me. I guess it's from this -- -- -- adults and one of our quotes. Maybe our best and I'm street strategic hot next -- the strategic hot night thanks that -- she pushed to get an editorial. Madness and yes that make. Okay Howard Stern his sidekick Robin Quivers is back he she has been his sidekick for thirty years but. For the last seventeen months -- she is battling cancer -- she was doing the show from home. Well for the first time she has returned to the studio and listen to this exchange between the two about. Ever gets sick again. And I plan not to I can never be without -- And and them. Your beautiful face. -- -- -- trying to make me cry. To your enormous. And Hamas followed. News editor who's talking about it. -- last little sentence there. He says -- her seriously I've been praying for this today and I'm really happy that you're here she by the way. Looks include credible. And so -- we're just happy all the way around that he's happy she's back she's healthy and they're back together again right where they belong. Yes she's great. They belong together. According -- this is really -- TNT -- coming out -- this apparently he was shooting heroin and down in champagne in his hotel room in Vancouver. On the night of his death that is the final word from the coroner's report that was obtained by TMZ -- -- -- -- was -- alone in Vancouver Canada on July 13. When they responded to the scene first responders they discovered store with drug residue -- -- hypodermic needle they found two. Empty champagne bottles and glasses the official cause of death is mixed drug toxicity and including intravenous her when -- combined with the congestion. And alcohol. And his amazing that was done all by himself and hotel right side -- and here's yeah. -- you know. Will -- whoever they want to take the dance.

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{"id":20454301,"title":"'Hunger Games' Sequel Already Selling Out","duration":"3:06","description":"Not due out until November, \"Catching Fire\" tickets went on sale online on Oct. 1.","url":"/WNN/video/hunger-games-sequel-selling-20454301","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}