The Hunt for Psychos

If you're looking for psychos, we'll help you find them.
5:15 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for The Hunt for Psychos
And world news now delivers your morning things. -- base of this out of the Huffington Post one out of every ten Wall Street employees as a psychopath. This truck according to researchers that's comforting me isn't the -- different levels. Psychopathic behavior. You know that really can't assume all of -- Christian they'll remember it was a the typical psychopath -- American Psycho he was an investment banker who actually killed people. And then showed no remorse the clinical psychopath is actually bright gregarious and -- mean. Life easily and often may have trouble feeling that the -- for other people. Probably more willing to take teachers risks was kind of works well on Wall Street -- I'm not a good not a flattering portrait Wall Street in this picking these economic times wanting to and -- fat out of what Wall Street of -- according to this journalist who writes for a trade publication CFA magazine according intent. We see that bank that will present -- and meg walking on the street just. There should be -- definitely post here in New York -- This and one of those crazy houses lost almost kind of thing but -- that's very comes who has had a ball win the Missouri heroes -- 64 year old man who actually was cited by police. Because -- an ordinance that basically prevented people from extending a body heart out of their car. Window is really designed to keep people from putting their seat out of the window -- this dude kind of. Look in the mirror effect to a vote and and fact that what scariest. Made me -- -- you know the time its -- That's like that I mean that's a good way to get around like that but he got sleds violated tally -- -- -- a ridiculous. Low pressure in the ACLU -- well the -- off the books are you afraid to flip the bird in ballwind was just beginning get cited for that and help -- get off. -- -- there's been this but the birds -- -- -- of the birds that are -- -- the bush -- okay so I -- a little bit jealous -- Nevada Pennsylvania and said police have filed charges against -- Western Pennsylvania man. With falsely reporting a natural gas leak apparently he was trying to determine of his girlfriend. Was -- another man in -- wrong headed tiny buildings so he made the false report because he was Tryon said. And we don't know whether it actually came sure now whether or not she was created and that we don't notice it pretty Smart -- -- amendment. Times what any other I don't know they're still together that was not part of the story about yes I'm yes and announced maybe. -- most popular dogs in the US comes to us the story from Chicago Tribune and number 121. Consecutive year in Germany was Demps -- the Labrador Retriever. -- the German shepherd came and number two. -- came in third place rising up the list Golden Retriever number four children terrier came in at number five resident Tom dolls. A twenty unless -- tapped out.

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{"id":15823042,"title":"The Hunt for Psychos","duration":"5:15","description":"If you're looking for psychos, we'll help you find them.","url":"/WNN/video/hunt-psychos-15823042","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}